"I look forward to adding this to my library." 
The Honorable Rick Perry,
Governor of Texas 
"A gripping tale remarkably told by a Special Forces veteran.    Bernie Cenney's first novel is both enthralling and entertaining.    The swift moving, intriguing plot make this book a must read."                                                                Major General Simeon G. Trombitas, US Army  
"A new blend of Ian Fleming type intrigue and stylish knowledge, Sparrow’s Tears is a timely tale that will keep you stuck to every page and every detail.  Bernard Cenney’s personal experiences in Special Forces show through in a thrilling book that will keep you guessing and leave you in anticipation of the next adventure of Captain James Ross."                                                             Colonel Brian R. Benjamin, US Army  
"A highly readable and engrossing tale in the tradition of Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler by an experienced Special Operations and Military Intelligence insider." 
Forest W. Follett, MD, Emergency Physician

"Cenney’s tale is personal, reaching into the not-too-distant past, then confronts the reader with the dangerous world we live in. The story rings true for anyone familiar with the tools and techniques of military special operations and intelligence coping with threats near and far." 
Lieutenant Colonel (R) Fred Byrod,
MACV-SOG, CCS 1970-71 



"Green Beret Captain James Ross is back in this gripping new novel! The author, a Special Forces veteran, weaves a web of intrigue and suspense that will keep you glued to this book from cover to cover. Close Your Eyes and See is definite material for the big screen!"  

Chaplain James Milburn,
Director, Chaplaincy Ministries,
Hanford Community Medical Center

"A truly fantastic read! You can’t put it down until the stunningly climactic finish! The action and excitement never stops! I love this series. You've done it again Mister Cenney! Another action packed story delivering tantalizing thrills penned by a seasoned Special Forces officer!" 

Captain Sharon Ann Myers, US Army 
 "Close Your Eyes and See is an explosive combination of thrills, chills, suspense, danger, and nonstop action! A truly captivating spellbinder crafted by an experienced professional!"  

Master Sergeant (R) Michael S. Fia, US Army


"I'm a guy who doesn't judge people or put them in groups.  I think people are what they want to be."  James Cenney

"It's important to stay virtuous. Far too many forget themselves and allow ego, resentment, anger, pride, opinions and arrogance to influence their decisions." 
Bernard Cenney

"I looked for closure, but it never came. There is no closure, not ever, not for me. Closure is a myth."
Captain James Ross
"Nothing exceeds the vanity of our existence but the folly of our pursuits."
Oliver Goldsmith
The Good Natured Man

"Do you see how God always hurls his bolts at the greatest houses and the tallest trees?  For he is wont to thwart whatever is greater than the rest."


 Greek Historian

5th Century BC