TImeless Soldier:

"Lin Sparrow is a witch.”                             — That’s what people say.

In her dreams, Lin has a seer’s ability to foretell the future from the ashes of the past.  Lin does it with her mind — the Nazis did it with a machine.
Lin’s marriage plans to Special Forces Captain James Ross are brutally eviscerated when she is heinously murdered.  
Her fiancé  recovers from his wounds, and ends up under psychiatric care being labeled as “disturbed and dangerous.”  But Ross breaks all the rules and returns on a vengeance trail to track down those responsible for Lin’s death.
The assassin turns out to be a man Ross had already killed once!
Enlisting the aid of his old friend Emanuel and a team of Mossad commandos, Ross’s only hope is to steal the Nazi time machine codenamed Die Glocke, and travel into the past to rescue Lin.
But is time travel really possible?
Can Ross reach out across the grave and bring Lin back to life?
Only time will tell.

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"Timeless Soldier will become a big hit on the big screen!" 
 Brian Benjamin, Colonel, US Army

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