Sparrow's Tears: 

Green Beret Captain James Ross travels to a routine military training conference and unwittingly finds himself set up as the patsy in an insidious terrorist plot.  Ross is to attend the CARAT conference held this year in Kuala Lumpur at the Petronas Twin Towers. Accompanying Ross is his old CIA colleague from Bangkok, Randal Kloet.  Once in Malaysia, Ross is assigned Miss Lin Sparrow as his official interpreter.                                   The lovely and intriguing Miss Sparrow proves an extremely capable young woman. Of Amerasian descent with the gift of clairvoyance, Lin uses what some call her witchcraft skills in an attempt to pull Ross out of his deeply disturbing past.  Ultimately, Ross and Lin cross destinies with rogue CIA agent Julius Creedmoor who has sold out his country to Abu Sayyaf.  Someone in Abu Sayyaf is using an education in psychology and PTSD to erode the American soldier psyche. Their plan is to destroy the Petronas Towers and bring the financial infrastructure of Southeast Asia to its knees. Blame will be placed squarely on the United States unless Ross and Lin can stop them.

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