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Rajah - NZ CH Rajah of Estcarp was my introduction to this wonderful breed.

Rajah was born in 1996, both parents were imported from Sweden.  I fell in love with Eiger as a youngster, he really impressed me with his wonderful nature and the beautiful Brenna, wow she was something else.

Rajah came home on New Years Eve, what a wonderful New Years gift!

I decided to give this showring thing a try, ha ha I almost gave up that up as Rajah was a BIG boy and I soon got tired to being dragged around the ring by him! Luckily I perservered with some help and soon Rajah was winning at Best of Breed level and at Group!! Rajah was titled at Intermediate level

Rajah became the proud Daddy of 7 berner babies to the lovely Molly, Silvretta Snow Drop. One of the babies came home to live with us, our special boy Sultan.

The biggest thrills with Rajah, were simply spending time with my beautiful boy, just going for walks with him, his enthususiam for carting and his love of the showring. The greatest moment for Rajah as a showdog was when he got Reserve of Breed at the All Breeds Champ Show in Hamilton (32 Bernese entered) he got Reserve of Breed to his son SULTAN!

Sadly we lost Rajah way too early to Leukemia just before his 5th birthday. There is not a day that goes by when I do not think of my special friend.  We have his ashes in a beautiful brass Urn on the shelf surrounded by photos of his son and Grandchildren. When the light hits the Urn at a certain angle, the light reflects off the Urn in a shape of a heart. Rajah is still with us, not in body but certainly in spirit.


Farewell my friend

As I look upon the stars

On a clear and crystal night

I wonder where you are

I cannot see the light


As I look into my soul

And look for you in there

A shadow crosses my path

Causing me to fear


A feeling of desolation sweeps over me

For I have lost a special friend

You were always by my side

Untill the very end


As I look upon the horizon

And there I could see

A star shining brighter than them all

I know you're watching me


As I look upon your son

And look into his eyes

My heart is filled with love

For in Sultan your spirit lies


You speak to me through Sultan

Your quiet, gentle ways

Your love for the showring

And the way that you play


Such a loyal, loving dog

How could it be?

That fate could be so cruel

And you're lost to me


But God must have some reason

For wanting you up there

You are free from all that ills you

And you know I'll always care


So rest in peace my special boy

You are free from all pain

And I know that in the future

We will meet again


I'll never forget you Raj


-In Memory of Rajah-

31st Oct 1996 to 30th Aug 2000