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Sultan Orthopedic Scores:

Hips: 5 x 3

Elbows: 1a x 1a

Eyes tested clear.

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type in: Bernahof Swiss Kiss

litter id: 23769

































Sultan is one of those once in a lifetime dogs and has given us so much pleasure both in and out of the showring.

Sultan was sired by my boy Rajah from pure Swedish Bloodlines and his Dam Molly was a mixture of English and our own lines here in New Zealand. This combination really appealed to me not only because of the wonderful nature of both parents, also the longetivity of the lines- Molly's Great Grandmother lived to the ripe old age of 15 years! Grandmother to 14.5 years and Molly herself passed away recently at 10 years of age.

Rajah bought size and substance to the combination and Molly along with Rajah bought lovely, straight movement and great balance.

Sultan was born in Feb 1999. He impressed us right from the very beginning with his great temperament and manners and his movement even as a baby was out of this world! so strong, straight and balanced.

First Show, Sultan won Baby Puppy in Show. He gained his NZ Show title at 17 months old against some of the best Berners seen in NZ for a long time including a Multi Best in Show winner from Australia - he got there the hard way!

Sultan won Best of Breed as a Junior at the National Dog Show and was pulled out for Best of Group. He continued to improve as he matured and was awarded his first BEST IN SHOW  (Open level) at 26 months and became a regular winner at Championship Group level.

Sultan gave us our biggest thrill as a 5 year old winning BEST IN SHOW at Championship level against some of the best exhibits (All Breeds) in the country.

Disaster then struck afterwards when he ruptured his Cruciet Ligament and was out of all action for close to 2 years. Solly came back and to make a long story short, continued on his winning way (even after the second cruciet went) and just recently was retired from the showring after achieving his GOLD CERT OF MERIT 50CC at Championship Shows.

Sultan as a Sire has produced some lovely babies. In his first litter, he sired a Championship Group winner for Margaret Davies (Silvretta) in Taupo. Margaret incidently bred Sultans Dam - Silvretta Snow Drop.

Sultan has sired only one other litter - that to Schillagh, my lovely big girl from the Zeigen Kennels in Australia.

This litter has produced some promising youngsters!

NZ CH Bernalese Arma whirlwind - titled at 15 months and a Championship Group Winner.

Bernalese Armacrusin - Danny - Second in the litter to gain their NZ Show title, 'Intermediate in Show winner at Championship level and Junior in Specialty Show winner.

Bernalese Armarockin - Best Puppy in Show at BRISBANE ROYAL SHOW last year! this was Arnies first outing as a showdog in Australia! Arnie is owned by Zeigen Kennels, Queensland.

Sultan is now doing what he loves the best, being a totally spoilt pampered pet!!