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Occasionally I will have news to report, will try to keep this page updated with the latest gossip

31st October / 1st November

Taupo Ch Shows

Danny and Rupert ventured down to Taupo with mixed results. Rupert did very well on the Saturday taking Reserve Dog and Open of Breed, and on the Sunday. Danny took out Best of Breed!!

The tribe at Taupo, from left to right, Danny, Brenna, Rupert


26th October 2009


Danny in his first show since March this year, thrilled us all when he took out Best of Breed at the Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show. (11 Bernese entered) Not bad for a dog that is more at home working amongst Cattle and racing Allan up the hill on his farm bike than showing off and looking beautiful in the showring!! lol

6th October 2009


The 'ARMA' litter was born on this day 4 years ago, how time flies!!  A big Happy Birthday to our two girls Brenna and Murphy, Danny and Lucky, in Auckland Misty, in the South Island the terrible twins Solly and Holly and in Australia, darling Arnie.

Our girls are celebrating their birthday with spongecake, fresh whipped creme and bananas for tea, yum!! you are allowed to get spoilt rotten just this once! :)


24th September 2009

Huge congratulations to Schillagh's great niece in Australia. Mimi (Aust Ch Cloudforest Kallistemon) she took out Best of Breed at the Melbourne Royal Show, beating a a very impressive line up for the breed. This wonderful result follows on from her BISS show win at the Victorian Bernese Mountain Club Specialty this year. Huge congrats to her breeders Steve and Carol at Cloudforest Bernese and my dear friend Liz Rilestone for Breeding Mimis dam, Neve.

11th August 2009

New photos of Rupert (Zeigen Special Delivery - Imp Aust)  16 mths, have been uploaded into Show Gallery.

Beautiful boy Rupert (Zeigen Special Delivery - Imp Aust)

18th July 2009

Rupert had his first show back in well over four months and did extremely well!! In the Huntly & Districts Open Show - Rupert took out Junior in Group, Reserve of Group and Junior in Show!!

In the Afternoon Ribbon Parade, Rupert took out Junior of Group and Best in Group! Rupert has been given alot of time to mature and he is maturing nicely. He still has a long way to go but we are all thrilled with how he is turning out.  Most of all though, Rupert has the best temperament and LOVES EVERYONE - ANIMAL OR HUMAN!! and people who meet him love his cuddly demeanour.  I am so thrilled for his wonderful owners Sarah and Craig that they have this special boy in their lives. I am also thrilled to be able to show him not only for Sarah and Craig but also for dear friend Kim Haddon, Ruperts breeder in Australia.

Rupert's Hip and Elbow scores have also come in: Hips 4 x 3, Elbows 0 x 0

Eyes tested clear, great news!!


16th May 2009

Rupert had a good day at the Huntly & Districts Benefit Ch Show. In a large entry (15 Bernese) Rupert won his class and went on to win Junior of Breed.

Well done little man, you thoroughly deserve a good long break and I will see you back a little later in the year.  No doubt we are all looking forward to your visit in your second home for a few weeks in June, I know Zara is looking forward to her handsome friends visit!!

4th May 2009

New Photos


Zara and Murphy enjoying a paddle, too cold for me girls!!

Sweet Zara!!!


30th April 2009

Happy Birthday Schillagh!!!! 'the hurricane' turns 7 years old and has yet to slow down. Happy Birthday to all her siblings in Australia.

16th April 2009

Happy Birthday Zara!! our little chatterbox turns five years old today.

7/8 March 2009

Hamilton Championship Show

Danny and Rupert had their first serious hit out for the year and pleased with both the boys efforts especially Danny who was recovering from a broken toe!

Danny on the Saturday took out Reserve Dog and Reserve of Breed with Rupert Puppy of Breed. On the Sunday Danny was Challenge Dog and Reserve of Breed with Rupert Reserve Challenge Dog to Danny and Puppy of Breed. Rupert is going through another growth spurt so won't be pushed and Danny will also be taking it easy.

It was great to see both boys get on so well together, the first time they have met and  playing like a couple of teenagers! lol not surprising really as both boys have wonderful easy going natures.

New best buddies - Danny and Rupert


Who loves ya? -  Danny the smooch!!


21st February 2009

Yay Rupert!! Rupert charmed his way to Best in Match overall, Best Puppy in Match (11 months) and also took out 'Best Mover - Dog'  what a little (umm big star!) the Bernalese kids and honorary life member - Rupert had a great time out!

More results as follows -

Third in Match - Brenna and Lucky

Third in Family Group - Sultan, Brenna, Lucky and Murphy

Best Veteran 10+ years - Sultan, yay ole fella!!

Biscuit Catching Champion - Brenna!!!!

Runner up Apple Bobbing - Brenna who was kind enough to actually leave the apple in the bucket for me to grab!

Runner up Sausage retrieval - Zara, what a gentle little soul! Brenna was eliminated first round!!

Third Fancy Dress - ummmmm!!!! if there was an award for effort and time spent?? lol


The Princesses and the Pauper!


1st February 2009


Yep the ole boy has turned 10 years old although looking at him, you would hardle believe it!! Kept young no doubt by the girls, his sweetheart Schillagh, Zara and his daughters Brenna and Murphy, Happy birthday Buddy!!

A youthful looking Sultan, 1 week before his 10th birthday!

10th January 2009

Rupert continued on his good form from last year, taking out Puppy of Breed in both the Hamilton Champ and Open Shows, he is such a joy to show and the sweetest pup ever, what a darling!!

3rd January 2009

Today at the Huntly District Open Show, Danny continued his good form from last year in taking out Best in Group!! what a star. After spending half the night in Accident & Emergency, it was the ideal tonic for myself.

Well done to Allan and Danny, what a combination!!

1/2nd November 2008

At the Taupo Ch Shows, Brenna did extremely well for a first outing this year, taking  'Open of Breed' and 'Reserve Bitch' on the Saturday and on the Sunday again 'Open of Breed', 'Reserve Bitch' and went on to take 'Reserve of Breed!'

Brenna's manners in the ring were very good, my little 'whirlwind' was blowing a gentle breeze this time around, nice for a change!! lol

26th September

Young Rupert (Zeigen Special Delivery- Imp Aust) had only his second outing as a Show dog and we were wrapped with his performance! 'Rupes' took out 'Puppy of Breed' (only just turning six months before the show) beating pups so much older than him then went on to take 'Reserve Dog' over mature Adults!

He is a simply charming pup who loves all living beings, two and four legged!!  his tail never stops wagging !

October 6th 2008

HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY to Danny, Brenna, Murphy, Lucky, Misty and in the South Island the terrible twins Solly and Holly and in Australia to handsome boy Arnie!! was going to celebrate the day with a get together but that is on hold due to the weather and to Danny being a tired boy after his big weekend up North and a very successful one at that!!

At the Bay of Islands All Breeds Ch Shows 4/5th October, Danny took BOB both days and on the Sunday NZ Bred of Group! he was looked at very closely for NZ Bred of Show where it was a toss up between Danny and a lovely Shitzu behind him, no luck this time around,  we are VERY proud of Danny, he has come such a long way!

Danny made alot of friends and gained equally as many admirers on his Northern trip, from his two Pug friends and other doggy friends to the locals ohhing and arring over such a beautiful boy, it was a trip that was so special in many ways and will always be remembered fondly, worth the petrol especially to go and watch the boy compete, well done Allan and well done Danny, I am so proud of you two!!


September 2008

At the Huntly Championship Shows, Danny was again Reserve Dog, (both days) and NZ Bred of Breed on the Sunday (11 Berners shown) Murphy was Intermediate of Breed (both days) and young Rupert thrilled us all by showing like a real little pro in his very first foray into the world of showing!! the judges both days had nothing but lovely comments to make on this happy little guy, he clearly enjoyed all the attention!

July 2008

News from the Showring

At the Hamilton Championship Show (22 Bernese entered) Danny in his first show in quite some time, gave us a huge thrill in taking out 'Reserve Dog! he has certainly come along way!!  Best of Breed was a bitch in the same class as Danny (NZ Bred) so Allan and Danny did not get a chance to progress any further.

February 2008

The Bernalese Kids did us proud at all three shows. Murphy took out Challenge Bitch in the Tokoroa CH Show and young Danny Reserve Challenge Dog and Reserve of Breed.

In the Central North Island Utility and Non Sporting Show, Brenna was Reserve Bitch to Murphy, Murphy taking out Best Bitch and Reserve of Breed to Danny! Danny went on to take out 'Intermediate of Group' and 'INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW!' Judge:  John Elston from South Australia.

Incidently John Elston was the very same judge that gave Sultan 'Best in Show' at Cambridge Ch Shows all those years ago, talking to him after the show, he immediately recognised Sultan in his offspring and recalled the day that Sultan entered the 'Breed Ring' and 'took his breath away!'

On the breeding front, we mated Zara to a lovely dog from the same kennels as Zara and Schillagh but unfortunately she did not take. Hoping to give Zara one more chance when she comes into season in December, if she does not take, we will have her speyed due to her age.

Well the K9 Natural diet has really worked! all the dogs are looking fit and toned and with energy to spare! which can be very interesting when you are walking three dogs on lead! on the bonus side, I have found my fitness to be so much better thanks to eager dogs and k9 naturals!!

To view k9 naturals website, go to:

January 2008

 A very quiet Christmas and New Year for the 'Bernalese Clan' really too hot to get up to much!

Our first show of the year was a small local and Danny did well in getting 'Best of Breed' and beating his sister Murphy. Danny then went on to take out 'Intermediate in Group!'

Huge congrats to Allan and Danny very thoroughly deserved.

The 'girls' are on a diet, have to lose that extra few pounds before the show season starts in ernest, are going to try the girls on K9 Naturals which is a totally natural diet stemming back to what wolves would eat in the wild, I hear that Solly 'Schillagh's son is thriving on K9 Naturals so can't wait to try it on our lot!


November 10/11th

Well done Danny Boy!! over the weekend Danny earned the last Challenge needed for his NZ Show title, he now has nine challenges. See photo in Show Gallery.

October 6th

Happy birthday babies!!

Today the Arma litter turns 2 years old. Murphy, Brenna and Lucky who is here for the weekend had a sponge cake covered in creme and bananas and a huge bone each for the whole tribe!

I hear that Danny is celebrating his birthday with a sponge cake, toys and a nice juicy steak for dinner! totally spoilt rotten but how could you not!



National Dog Show & Bernese Specialty Show - 2007

The National Dog Show and Bernese Specialty was held in Wellington recently and the Bernalese Babies didn't discrace themselves.

In the National Dog Show itself, Brenna (NZ CH Bernalese Armawhirlwind) won her breed class and went on to win Junior of Breed, in doing so, Brenna has qualified for Crufts in England.  Brenna was also looked at very closely for Junior in Group.

Danny (Bernalese Armacrusin) although not winning his class, placed second and improved on his performance from the Prelude the day before.

In the Bernese Specialty Show, Brenna moved beautifully and won her class. Danny settled down really well, he won his class of 3 and went on to compete for Junior in Specialty Show against his sister where Danny went on to win Junior in Specialty Show! well done to Allan and Danny!!


Danny at the Nationals

Brenna - Best Junior of Breed

Brenna, Allan (Danny's owner) and Danny

In the sandhills - Tangimoana Beach


September 2007

Tried the girls in the cart for the first time and they LOVE IT!!  Zara is a natural, the big grin on her face and her wagging tail is proof enough for that. Both Brenna and Murphy have taken to carting so easily as well. Now hoping to get a smaller, light weight cart built for the girls and have my original cart altered so that I can have a brace team.

On the showing front, Brenna had a recent show and took Best of Breed both days, she is now sitting on 13 Challenge Certificates. The National Dog Show is coming up in Wellington at the end of the month including the Bernese Specialty Show, will be great to catch up with old friends at the show, really looking forward to the National Week.

This is Zara and her new found love!

July 2007

Check out Zara after her long overdue bath, is she not the sweetest?? now if this was Brenna or Sultan, this would be a photo of a rear end dissappearing into the river!!


May 2007

 This is Danny (Bernalese Armacrusin) on the banks of the mighty Waikato River aged 16 months.