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Have decided that Danny needs a page of his own. Danny is a son of Sultan and Schillagh and lives the life of luxury on 60 acres with his devoted dad and human slave Allan Stretton!

Danny shares the household with Allan's two Saint Bernards, Soren ( a midget at 100kgs!)  and his sister Cara.

Danny took some time to come out of his shell so to speak, but patience and understanding has worked wonders with this some what uncertain young man and now he is so full of confidence and has that 'hey look at me arn't I something' air about him, just as his father Sultan did all those years ago.)

His results in the showring have been very incouraging thus far, only lightly shown (Allan is a qualified judge at Ribbon Parade and Open level) so showing Danny tends to come second to Allan's judging. Danny at 11 months took 'Challenge Dog' at the National Dog Show in 2006. In 2007 Danny was 'Best Junior in Specialty Show' at our Bernese Specialty (beating his sister Brenna) and  also has 'In Show' wins at Championship level.

Danny still has some maturing to do, obviously takes after his Grand father in that respect, he still looks somewhat 'coltish' Really looking forward to the day that Danny fully matures, unlike his sister Brenna, Danny has matured first in mind and still to mature in body. With Brenna it is the other way around!!!


A very young Danny, one spirited young man!!


Danny @ 3 years, maturing nicely