Micro-moth verification guidelines

Post date: May 11, 2017 11:18:11 AM

Just over a year ago, some extremely useful guidance on micro-moth verification was supplied by Butterfly Conservation for the National Moth Recording Scheme. The guidance was compiled by Dr John Langmaid, Stephen Palmer, Mark Parsons and Dr Mark Young, and shows which micro-moth species may be possible to identify in the field or from photos, and which will need specimens or dissection. It also gives guidance on identifying leaf-mines and larval cases.

I've slightly expanded this guidance, so that the abbreviations used in the original are replaced with stand-alone text, and some information is given about which species occur in Berkshire. This exists in two forms, a spreadsheet that has all the information and can be filtered and searched, plus a reduced PDF version that could beprinted out if you want a hard copy (but it's still 42 pages long!). It is possible that errors have crept in when transcribing the data, please let me know if you find any.

The documents can be downloaded from our Resources page, or direct from these links:

  • Micro-moth verification guidelines - spreadsheet version
  • Micro-moth verification guidelines - PDF version

The original version as supplied by BC/NMRS is available here. I'm grateful to NMRS for permission to circulate the adapted versions.

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