Adjective Worksheet
(Finding Adjectives)

Adverb Worksheet
(Finding Adverbs)

All Manner of Verbs (WS)

Apostrophe Chart (Possessives)


Book Club Jobs

Book Review Handout

BPS Home Page

CERS Checklist

CERS Steps

CERS Worksheet:
- PDF version (non-changeable)
- Word DOC version (with text boxes)


Classwork Overview by Week

Core Democratic Values

Compare/Contrast Notes
(Graphic Organizer Samples)

Curriculum Night handout

Daily Work:
This is a link to Google Classroom.

Dictionary (MerriamWebster.com)

Editing Marks

Email (Outlook)

Email Mr. Fisher

Essay Checklist

Essay Pieces (worksheets):
- Part B
- Part D

Essay Steps

Essay Worksheet

- An Esperanto website

Fact Monster

Fantasy Worksheet

Finding Adjectives

Finding Adverbs

Fun and Games

Grades (PowerSchool)

- Grammar Charts
- Grammar Help Sheet
- Grammar Tips
- Online Quizzes (list)

Graphic Organizers

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Homework Overview by Week


Kentucky Caves

Language Arts Notes

Learn to Draw

Nonfiction, Writing about:
- Rubric

Novel Sheets:
- Action/Adventure
- Fantasy

Numbers (Rules for Writing)

Online Textbook (new)

Online Textbook (old)


Outlook Login

Paragraph Checklist

Paragraph Pieces (worksheets):
- Part B
- Part D

Paragraph Steps

Paragraph Worksheet

Persuasive Writing
(Problem / Solution):
- Prewriting notes and sample
- Rough Draft sample

Plagiarism Handout

Point of View (Voices)

Possessive Nouns and
Possessive Pronouns
as Adjectives

Possessive Nouns (Making Nouns Possessive)



Progress Reports

Proofreading Marks


Quotation Marks

Restating the Question (assignment with notes)

School Email

Short Essay Checklist

Short Essay Pieces (worksheet):
- Part B
- Part D

Short Essay Steps

Short Essay Worksheet

Short Story Collection (2017)

Six Traits: two-page version
Six Traits: six-page version

Spelling List

"Spitball in the Eye" notes

Story Project:
- Letter to Parents/Guardians
- Rubric for Project
- Student Self-Edit Checklist

Student Friendly Scoring Guide:
- Two-page version
- Six-page version


Textbook On Line (new)

Textbook On Line (old)

Thesis-Support Checklist

Thesis-Support Pieces (worksheet),
parts B and D

Thesis-Support Steps

Thesis-Support Worksheet

Time For Kids


Vocabulary Notes

Voices (1st, 2nd, 3rd Point of View)

Watsons Assignment

- Action/Adventure
- All Manner of Verbs
- CERS Steps
- CERS Worksheet
- Essay Steps
- Essay Worksheet
- Fantasy
- Paragraphs, part B
- Paragraphs, part D

Writing about Nonfiction:
- Rubric

Writing Project
- Letter to Parents/Guardians
- Rubric for Project
- Student Self-Edit Checklist

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