Who We Are

An evangelical, Bible-teaching church, "The Red Brick Church" serves the Berkshire, Richford, and Newark Valley area. We have creative, Spirit-led worship, practical local ministry, discipleship, Sunday School and Christian growth classes for all ages, and mission outreach to our community and the world beyond. 
The roots of our congregation go back to the first settlers of this area in the early 1800's.  But we're more focused on what our Lord Jesus is doing in our congregation and in our community NOW!  

Our Denominational Affiliation

We are affiliated with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC), and the Greater Hudson Valley Fellowship of the CCCC.  
The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference is a theologically conservative denomination believing strongly in the autonomy of each local church under the headship of Christ. Our member churches include those who are Congregational, Christian, and Evangelical and Reformed in their background, as well as independent Community churches. Our member ministers also come from diverse backgrounds. Though we are solidly committed to the basic doctrines of the Christian faith, we allow for diversity in many areas where Christians have tended to disagree. Though our members hold strong biblical convictions, we do not believe that Christians should divide over secondary issues. As an evangelical denomination, in obedience to Jesus Christ, we work together to advance the kingdom of our Lord through evangelism, church planting and missions.  (source:  http://www.ccccusa.com/about-us/)

More Info About CCCC

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