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Sunday School 2016-2017

Children and Youth

• Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd & 3rd grades with Kathy Platz

The ABCs of God is a study for children on the greatness and worth of God. It uses the alphabet as a framework for learning the attributes of God and other terms that describe His character, at an age-appropriate level. (Note that attributes are purposely not taught in alphabetical order.) Each lesson asks and answers three key questions, "Who is God?" "What is He like?" and "How should I act toward Him?" as it presents a theology of God for children. Through the use of a teaching aid called “The Blessing Box,” students will discover a new attribute of God each week and will be challenged to consider how they should respond to an amazing God who is worthy of their greatest love, honor, trust, and obedience.

• 4th through 7th grades with Jenn Willard
    How Majestic is Your Name
The names of God in the Bible are a reflection of His character, which is so glorious that He cannot be described by a single name. His character is communicated in hundreds of names progressively revealed in the Bible. But the focus of How Majestic Is Your Name is not the many names, titles and references to God. These are merely the structure to show the greatness of our God. Each lesson presents glorious truths about God and encourages students to see and rejoice 

• 8th – 12th grade with John & Joan Stoughton
    TalkSheets: to Confirm Your Faith
Each week will focus on an aspect of the Christian faith (such as God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, salvation, discipleship). Why do we believe what we believe? How do we know? How can we be sure?

Adult Bible Study with Pastor Jerry

    Unvarnished Truth: Life’s Greatest Story

– A Six-week study from Lifeway.

Learning how to live for Christ in a world that doesn’t know Him  glorifies God and influences our culture. Christ has commanded that believers verbally share the good news of salvation, forgiveness, and grace with lost individuals. This study will help you do that.

Session titles:

1. One Great Creator—Psalm 33:6-9,13-15; Colossians 1:15-17

2. One Great Purpose— Isaiah 43:1-7

3. One Great Problem—Romans 3:9-12, 19-20, 23

4. One Great Savior—Romans 5:6-11

5. One Great Commitment—Romans 10:1-3, 8b-13

6. One Great Task–2 Timothy 2:1-10