Merv Heller Scholarship


MERV HELLER MEMORIAL High School Tennis Scholarship


Merv Heller Memorial Scholarship Past Recipients:
2014 Nolan Perugini- Exeter , Sruthi Kamprath- Wilson 
2015 Andre Fick- Wyomissing, Yasmeen Malik- Conrad Weiser
2016 Jonah Buczewski- Exeter, Ali Snyder- Exeter
2017 Michael Brophy- Wilson, Sammi Snyder - Exeter

The BCTA, in honor of the late Merv Heller, would like to present two tennis scholarships in the amount of $1000.00  each to ONE boy and ONE girl senior high school tennis player in Berks County.

Student-athletes considered for this award must meet the following criteria as determined by a representative from the Heller Family as well as two members of the BCTA Board of Directors in honoring their late colleague, friend and tennis leader Merv Heller. The BCTA would like to base the scholarship opportunities from their criteria called the THREE C’S. Applicants must be a standout in the CLASSROOM, on the tennis COURT and in the COMMUNITY

Criteria for AWARD:

·         The applicants for this award must be a 12th Grader (senior) boy and girl who currently plays high school tennis for a high school in Berks County

·         The applicant must exude a strong background in the following areas:

o   IN THE CLASSROOM- Applicant must show a high level of commitment and dedication in the classroom throughout their academic career. Applicant must have a high grade-point average above 3.25 and have shown a high level of work and advancement in their own studies and personal development. The applicant must plan on attending a 4 or 2 year accredited  college or university.

o   ON THE TENNIS COURTApplicant has to display a high level of commitment and integrity through their dedication to the game of tennis. This includes a commitment to excellence on the tennis court, through their hard work and dedication towards bettering themselves and those around them on the tennis court. The applicant is a strong leader on their high school team and has shown leadership skills and good sportsmanship throughout their high school tennis career. Applicant also must display a desire to continue their involvement in tennis post- high school to help grow and promote tennis in some way.

o   In the COMMUNITYApplicant must show altruism throughout their community by giving back and helping in any way to those around them. This can include anything in which the applicant is helping others and making an impact by bettering the lives of others throughout their community, by volunteering and giving back without receiving anything in return.



Berks County High School Tennis players who are 12th graders can apply for this scholarship opportunity. They must write a personal essay about the importance of tennis in their life, how tennis has helped them grow as a person and how they feel they can give back to their community utilizing tennis as a platform to make an impact.

High School tennis coaches can submit a 1-Page Letter of Recommendation a player on their team that is applying . The Letter can detail a players strengths in the 3 main criteria areas (The 3 C’s). Additionally- coaches are encouraged to include a descriptive reasoning as to why the applicant should receive this scholarship.


Nomination DEADLINE:  April 7th, 2017

Applications: PLEASE SEND YOUR SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION LETTER to the address below in a sealed envelope- Please include all letters of recommendation as well. Nominations received AFTER the above deadline will not be considered for the Merv Heller Memorial High School Tennis Scholarships



P.O. BOX 5961

Ryan Knarr,
Feb 5, 2017, 2:26 PM