Berks HS All-Star Match

2017 Berks County HS All Star Match and Skills Competition  

Thursday June 15th 6pm - Conrad Weiser Tennis Facility 


All-Berks Girls (As voted on through Coaches All-Berks Voting from 2016 Fall Season)

1.   Sammy Snyder - Exeter

2. Alexis Kramer- Exeter

3. Paige Cincinnati- Wilson

4. Alex Jadic- Wyomissing

5. Catherine Maher- Berks Catholic

6  TBA

7.  TBA

8.  TBA

Coach of the Year: Michael Anderson (Wyomissing)


All-Berks - BOYS PLAYERS TBA – (Dependent on All-Berks Votes Spring 2017)

*All Berks Boys Votes will determine the official All-Star Boys Team by May 2017

BCTA All-Star Skills Competition 6pm

Serve Target Challenge- 8 targets will be positioned in both service boxes on 1 court.  A player will have 1 minute to hit as many targets as possible

Fastest Serve (speed gun)- A Court will have a radar gun positioned at the opposite end of the court. Players will have 5 serves to hit their fastest serve possible. Only serves that land in the correct service box will count 

 Accuracy Ground Stroke Challenge-   Ground strokes will be fed by a feeder and player will have 12 shots to hit 6 targets. Player with the most targets hit at the end of the 12 shots wins.

Speed and Agility Challenge- Players will be tested on their speed and agility along with hitting skills through a challenge designed by training specialists.

Berks County HS Tennis All –Star Match presented by BCTA 7:00pm


 Boys and Girls All-Star Players will play Round Robin (4 games each) players from their respective gender. A total of 28 games will be available for each player. Each game will be played as no-ad scoring and the game totals will be added up at the end of the each (4 games). The player from both the boys and girls match with the most games cumulatively won after playing with the 7 other players will be declared the All-Star Game MVP.


Players will be awarded a Berks County HS All-Star Match Jersey for the event that they will get to keep. 


The Boys and Girls All-Star Match MVP will both be given an award at the conclusion of the event, sponsored by the BCTA. Additionally, a small award will be given to the winner of each of the All-Star Skills competitions.

Additionally, the All-Star Match MVP in future years (starting in 2017) will be invited to play in the BCTA Legend of Tennis Event- which is being brought back for the summer of 2017. The All-Star match will serve, starting in 2017, in place of the old Legends of Tennis HS tryout that took place for 15+ years in the 1990s-2010.


2015- Andre Fick, Sammy Snyder
2016- Vikrant Patel, Gia Vicari


BCTA Berks County HS ALL-STAR Match and Skills Competition:

BCTA President: Ryan Knarr 610-451-2401

Location: Conrad Weiser Tennis Facility  347 E. Penn Ave Robesonia, Pa 19551