Berks HS All-Star Match

2018 Berks County HS All Star Match and Skills Competition  

Monday  June 18th 6pm - Conrad Weiser Tennis Facility 


All-Berks Girls (As voted on through Coaches All-Berks Voting from 2017 Fall Season)

1.  Alexandra Pancu - Conrad Weiser

2. Catherine Maher- Berks Catholic

3. Paige Cincinnati- Wilson

4. Julia Bonds- Twin Valley

5. Anna Kate Schreck- Wyomissing

6  Lauren Leibowitz- Governor Mifflin

7. Allison Bashore- Hamburg

8.  TBA

Coach of the Year:


All-Berks - BOYS PLAYERS TBA – (Dependent on All-Berks Votes Spring 2017)

*All Berks Boys Votes will determine the official All-Star Boys Team by May 2017

BCTA All-Star Skills Competition 6pm

Serve Target Challenge- 8 targets will be positioned in both service boxes on 1 court.  A player will have 1 minute to hit as many targets as possible

Fastest Serve (speed gun)- A Court will have a radar gun positioned at the opposite end of the court. Players will have 5 serves to hit their fastest serve possible. Only serves that land in the correct service box will count 

 Accuracy Ground Stroke Challenge-   Ground strokes will be fed by a feeder and player will have 12 shots to hit 6 targets. Player with the most targets hit at the end of the 12 shots wins.

Speed and Agility Challenge- Players will be tested on their speed and agility along with hitting skills through a challenge designed by training specialists.

Berks County HS Tennis All –Star Match presented by BCTA 7:00pm


Round Robin Format

10 Point Tiebreakers- Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Singles


Players will be awarded a Berks County HS All-Star Match Jersey for the event that they will get to keep. 


The Boys and Girls All-Star Match MVP will both be given an award at the conclusion of the event, sponsored by the BCTA. Additionally, a small award will be given to the winner of each of the All-Star Skills competitions.

Additionally, the All-Star Match MVP in future years will be invited to play in the BCTA Legend of Tennis Event- which is being brought back for the summer of 2017. The All-Star match will serve, starting in 2017, in place of the old Legends of Tennis HS tryout that took place for 15+ years in the 1990s-2010.


2015- Andre Fick, Sammi Snyder
2016- Vikrant Patel, Gia Vicari
2017- Will Schreck, Sammi Snyder


BCTA Berks County HS ALL-STAR Match and Skills Competition:

BCTA President: Ryan Knarr 610-451-2401

Location: Conrad Weiser Tennis Facility  347 E. Penn Ave Robesonia, Pa 19551