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BCTA President's Message: Ryan J. Knarr 

As the new President of the BCTA, it is an honor and a privilege to be able to announce for the first time in the history of Berks County Tennis that we are bringing together all of the major tennis organizations in Berks County, working  together to  grow and promote the game of tennis for all ages and ability levels. From COR Tennis, Hillcrest, CWTA, Fromuth Tennis, Berks County Tennis Club, The YMCA, Amity Township- we are very excited to give OUR members of the BCTA an opportunity to be part of a lot of new exciting opportunities throughout tennis in Berks County that we all can take a lot of pride and admiration in.

To have these great organizations come together as ONE gives all of us the opportunity to bring the very best tennis minds in Berks together as a board of directors and work towards developing a plethora of new programs and activities that will allow YOU, our members a continuous pathway of tennis throughout your entire lives. As a new board of directors, we have dedicated ourselves to offering completely new benefits and reasons for being a BCTA Member.  This starts with growing, developing and connecting with our youth tennis players in Berks County and giving a new generation of tennis players all of the opportunities to be successful on and of the tennis courts here in Berks..

Ultimately, our organization is a direct reflection of you our members. I feel that one of the most important things we can have  is good communication throughout the organization. To be able to let our members know what we are doing as an organization and to hear feedback, thoughts and ideas. We will be sending our a bi-monthly interactive digital newsletter to all our members. In addition we wil send all members updates from the BCTA Board meetings so that you the members are informed, up to date and can offer feedback regarding all things within our organization. It is an honor to serve as your President and work hard with our tremendous new board of directors to build something that we all can be unbelievably proud of and take a lot of pride in collectively.  For me, growing up playing tennis in Berks County, this is home. This is a place that holds a special place inside my heart and I promise to lead our organization each and every day with great pride and enthusiasm to grow and promote the game of tennis in our county like never before. 


BCTA has a number of committees that we would like individuals  in Berks County Tennis to be part of to bring your thoughts, opinions and let your ideas help us make a better Berks County Tennis Association. 

To become part of a committee please call BCTA President Ryan Knarr
610-451-2401 or email weisertennis@gmail.com 

Membership and Marketing Committee
Julie Seidel (Marketing)
Ralph Tutlane (Membership)

Jr. Competition Committee

Tom Schreck, Mark O'Neill, Larry Zerbe, Ryan Knarr


Ryan Cuevas(committee chair), Don Hutchison, Harry McGonigle, Jamie Yousatis