My CIVIL WAR Ancestors
 Berks County, PA



My Great-GrandFather:
Pvt. Daniel Augustus GEIGER
( 23 Dec 1842 - 4 Mar 1911 )
128th PA Volunteer Infantry Regiment
 He served in 128th PA Infantry Regiment from Aug 15, 1862 to May 19, 1863.
In battles @ Antietam,MD and Chancellorsville, VA.
Captured May 2, 1863 @ Chancellorsville and prisoner @ Libby Prison, VA.
Exchanged to Union Forces on May 12, 1863.

First Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment 

    He also served in 1st PA Cavalry Regiment (44th PA Vols.), 2nd Cavalry Division,
from Feb 6, 1864 to Aug 1, 1865, on Gen. U.S. Grant's Overland Campaign.
In battles @ Todd's Tavern; Childsburg; Ashland Station; Yellow Tavern;
Haw's Shop; Cold Harbor; and The Trevillian Raid.
 Captured on June 21, 1864, south of White House Landing, VA,
near Tunstall Station during the "Battle of Black Creek".
Prisoner @ Belle Isle, VA; ANDERSONVILLE, GA; and Florence,SC.
Released from captivity Feb.24, 1865 @ Aikens Landing, VA

Mar. 1, 1865, furloughed from Camp Parole, MD, for "30 days of recuperation".
Discharged from 2nd PA Prov. Cav. on Aug. 1, 1865 @ Louisville, KY and
returned to Camp Curtain, Harrisburg, PA and released from service.
My Great-GrandUncle:
Pvt. Franklin GEIGER
( 1838 - 1 Jul 1863 )
Daniel's brother, Franklin, was a member of 'K' Company, 151st PA Infantry.
He was  Killed In Action  at Gettysburg on the afternoon of July 1, 1863,
"very near the spot where Gen. Reynolds was killed."
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