Tank water heaters : Table top outdoor heater

Tank Water Heaters

tank water heaters
    water heaters
  • (water heater) a heater and storage tank to supply heated water
  • (Water Heater) Gas and/or electrically powered device to provide hot water for washing etc.
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  • a large (usually metallic) vessel for holding gases or liquids
  • A large receptacle or storage chamber, esp. for liquid or gas
  • A receptacle with transparent sides in which to keep fish; an aquarium
  • an enclosed armored military vehicle; has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads
  • The container holding the fuel supply in a motor vehicle
  • store in a tank by causing (something) to flow into it

Water Heater
Water Heater
My water heater has died, emptying it's contents out onto the basement floor. In so doing I had to turn off all the water to the house because the moron who installedc it did not do the plumbing in such a way that the tanks could be isolated from the system. And then there's that water softener tank which has been unused since we got the house in 2000. The tag on the water heater says it was from 1983, so it has lead a full life.
20090115 - tank-less hot water heater
20090115 - tank-less hot water heater
I was worried that our heater was broken, I just could not get it to energize, until today. I had a bad electrical cable; I replaced it and the heater works great.

tank water heaters
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