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Berkley Jet Pump

berkley jet pump
    jet pump
  • An eductor-jet pump or jet pump is a type of pump where the energy from one fluid (liquid or gas) is transferred to another fluid via the Venturi effect. As the fluid passes through a tapered jet, kinetic energy increases and pressure decreases drawing fluid from the suction into the flow stream.
  • Used in spas to provide additional thrust into the hydrotherapy jets.
  • a jet pump is a commonly available residential water supply pump. It has an interesting clever design that can lift water from a well (up to 25 feet) and allow it to function without a check valve on the suction and furthermore does not require priming.
  • Berkley is a fishing tackle company founded in Spirit Lake, Iowa in 1937 as Berkley Fly Co. by Berkley Bedell. Berkley is most known for its brands Berkley Trilene fishing line and Powerbait scented lures.
  • Berkley is a town in Bristol County, Massachusetts, United States. The population was 5,749 at the 2000 census, making it the least populated town in the county.
berkley jet pump - Seloc's Marine
Seloc's Marine Jet Drive, 1961-1996: Tune-Up and Repair Manual (Marine Manuals)
Seloc's Marine Jet Drive, 1961-1996: Tune-Up and Repair Manual (Marine Manuals)
SELOC Marine maintenance and repair manuals offer the most comprehensive, authoritative information available for outboard, inboard, stern-drive and diesel engines, as well as personal watercraft. SELOC has been the leading source of how-to information for the marine industry since 1974. Designed and written to serve the needs of the professional mechanic, do-it-yourself boat enthusiast, instructor and student, these manuals are based on actual teardowns done by Chilton Marine?s editors/authors in our on-site facility. Providing complete coverage on everything from basic maintenance to engine overhaul, every manual features:
-Simple-to-follow, step-by-step, illustrated procedures
-Hundreds of exploded drawings, photographs and tables
-Troubleshooting sections, accurate specifications and wiring diagrams
-Recognized and used by technical trade schools as well as the U.S. military
Covers all models of American Turbine, Berkeley, Dominator, Hamilton/Kodiak, Hawk, Jacuzzi/Nomera, Outboard Jet and Turbodrive.

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Pacific 3" S-A-TB Coker Jet Pump
Pacific 3" S-A-TB Coker Jet Pump
When a refinery was having repeated problems with their coker jet pump, Hydro offered efficiency and reliability improvements through proper repair and engineered upgrades. The rebuilt pump became their best running pump, producing the same performance at 4000 rpm as the pump in its previous condition at 4400 rpm.
Goulds Sewage and Jet pumps
Goulds Sewage and Jet pumps We also do Goulds Sewage and Jet pumps! Byram, Rockaway, Jefferson, Oak Ridge, Sparta, Boonton, Chester, Northern NJ

berkley jet pump
berkley jet pump
Flotec Shallow Well Jet Pump, 1 Hp
Superior performance to depths of 25 ft. or less. Fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic pump housing for the highest corrosion resistance. Heavy duty dual voltage motor. Self-priming after housing is initially filled (CK valve and/or FT valve required). Very quiet operation. Pressure switch pre-wired with 30-50 PSI pressure setting. 1-1/4" NPT suction and 1" NPT discharge pipe sizes serviceable unit. Pumping capacity to 16.4 gallons per minute at 40 PSI. Dimensions: 22-1/2" length x 11" width x 10-1/4" height.