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2014 Results

2014 Results

June 14;
Heathrow Invitational 2014:

The 2014 Heathrow Invitational Competition saw over 130 gymnasts from around Great Britain, 7 from Berkhamsted Gymnastics Club, compete for the “overall” and “apparatus” medals available to them in their relevant level and age category. 

BGC’s Level 4 gymnasts: Sadie B, Lizzie R, Amber P, Meghan R and Gabby C all competed in the 10/11 age category, the largest of the day with 28 competitors.  The girls competed well, with Amber, Meghan, Sadie and Lizzie finishing in 7th, 8th 17th and 23rd respectively.  Amber placed 3rd on Floor with team mates Meghan and Sadie close on her heels placing joint 4th.  Gabby also came 2nd on Floor, along with 2nd place on Vault and 1st place on Bars, her consistent scores saw her reach the podium winning Bronze overall.

BGC’s Level 2 gymnasts: Poppy W-L and Amelia E also had a brilliant competition.  Poppy won Bronze overall and placed 1st on Vault, 2nd on Bars and 4th on Floor.  Whilst Amelia won Silver overall and placed 2nd on Vault, 3rd on Bars and Beam and 1st on Floor. 

General Gymnastics Floor and Vault Competition:

An amazing result for Berkhamsted Gymnastics Club at the General Gymnastics Floor and Vault competition which was held on Sunday 8th June at Pipers Vale Gymnastics Club in Ipswich. We fielded 2 of the 8 teams that were entered into the Level 2 competition and walked away with 2 out of the 3 team medals available. Team A won Silver missing out on the Gold by only 0.05 of a mark and Team B won Bronze. The hard work both the gymnasts and coaches have put in leading up to the competition most definitely paid off.

May 14;

Amelia Ranked Number 3 in Great Britain:

12 year old Amelia Evans travelled to Birmingham on the 17th May as part of the East Region’s Grade 6 National Final Team.  After qualifying for the Team in first place Amelia knew she had a chance at an individual medal if she could keep her nerve.  The East Team was scheduled to compete in the first of three rounds, with 11 teams competing for the Team medals and 46 gymnasts competing for the individual medals.  Amelia and the rest of the East Team competed well, all achieving a clean competition.  At the end of the first round the Team were in second place and Amelia’s score placed her in first place individually.  It was a nervous 2 ½ hr wait for the next 2 rounds to end.   When the final scores were called the East Team had managed to secure Team Bronze with Amelia taking the Individual Bronze medal.  Her high scores placed her first on Vault, third on Beam and fifth on Floor.

Girls Level 6 County Championships:

Seven Berkhamsted Gymnastics Club (BGC) girls entered the Level 6 four piece Hertfordshire Gymnastics County Championships on Sunday 11th May.  One of which was little 5 yr old Phoebe Peacock, who was the youngest competitor at this level, this along with Thea Bolton was their first County Competition.  All 6 girls competed well and also walked away with an impressive medal haul.

6yr Age Category     Phoebe Peacock placed 1st overall winning the overall Gold medal, trophy and County Title, along with four 1st place apparatus ribbons.

7-8 Category     Thea Bolton took the overall Silver and 4 apparatus ribbons, 1st on Vault and Bars, 2nd on Beam and Floor.

9-10 Category    Eliza Atkins had the toughest age category with 23 gymnasts all fighting for the top slots.  Eliza competed well and had a clean competition and sadly missed out on an OA medal by only 0.1 of a mark, finishing in a very respectable 4th place.

11-12 Category     Rheia Caton placed 1st overall winning the overall Gold Trophy and County Title.  Meadow Thomas won OA Silver with team mate Khema Edwards placing 3rd overall making it a clean sweep for BGC.  Macy Catlin wasn’t far behind finishing in the top 10.  All girls walked away with apparatus ribbons.  Rheia Caton, 1st on Vault and joint 1st Floor and 3rd on Bars and Beam.  Meadow Thomas won 2nd on Vault and 1st on Bars, Khema Edwards won Joint 1st on Floor and 2nd on Bars, with Macy Catlin winning 2nd on Floor.

Boys Level 6 County Championships:

Five BGC boys entered the Level 6 four piece Hertfordshire Gymnastics County Championships on Sunday 11th May.  The boys knew they had a lot to live up to after the success from BGC’s Level 7 boys, but this did not faze them as they also walked away with an impressive medal haul.

9-10 Age Category     Jacob McGee took the title of 9-10 County Champion winning Gold overall and 1st Vault and P-Bars and 2nd on Bar and Floor, with team mate Paddy Read close on his heels winning the Silver medal overall 1st on Bar and Floor and 2nd on Vault and P-Bars.

11-12 Category     Isaac McGee took the title of 11-12 County Champion winning Gold overall and 1st on, Vault, P-Bars and Floor and joint 1st on Bar with team mate Daniel Chrispin who also won the Silver medal overall on Vault and P-Bars and 3rd on Floor.  James Lewis also made his way to the podium winning Bronze overall and 2nd on Bar and Floor and 3rd on Vault and P-Bars

Girls Level 7 County Championships:

Ten BGC Girls entered the Level 7 Floor and Vault Hertfordshire Gymnastics County Championships on Sunday 11th May.  This was the biggest competition of the weekend with 42 gymnasts competing over 5 age groups hoping to walk away with a medal or apparatus award.

7 – 8 Age Category    Isabelle Gallagher placed 9th overall with team mate Lily Goldsmid placing 17th overall.

9-10 Category      Sophie Webb took the Bronze Medal overall with Emily Chrispin, Ruby Peacock, Molly Exley, Zoe Tanswell, Francesca Crisford, Sophia Longo and Elise Peacock all close on her heels placing 4th, 5th, 6th 7th, 9th 10th and 12th overall respectively. Sophie Webb was also awarded 3rd on Floor with team mate Emily Chrispin winning the 2nd place award.  Whilst on Vault Sophie Webb was awarded joint 2nd place with team mate Molly Exley and Sophia Longo took joint 3rd place with Ruby Peacock. 

Boys Level 7 County Championships:

Five BGC boys entered the Level 7 Floor and Vault Hertfordshire County Championships on Sunday 11th May, each competing well and walking away with medals and apparatus awards to prove it.

7 – 8 Age Category     Sam Winser took the title of 7-8 County Champion winning Gold overall and 1st on both Floor and Vault, with team mate Billy Read close on his heels winning the Silver medal overall and 2nd on both Floor and Vault.

9-10 Category     Matthew Allen took the title of 9-10 County Champion winning Gold overall and 1st on Vault and joint 1st on Floor with team mate Daniel Faron who also won the Silver medal overall and joint 2nd Vault.

11 – 12 category     Lucca Greenshield placed 2nd overall in the 11-12 category winning the Silver medal and 2nd place awards for both Floor and Vault

April 14;

Club Grades Regional Finals:

Five BGC gymnasts travelled to Ipswich on 13th April after qualifying to represent BGC and Hertfordshire Gymnastics at the Club Grades Regional Finals.  All girls finished in the top 10 in their respective grade and age category.

Grade 12: 10-11 age category - Sadie Burt placed 8th overall

Grade 11: 10-11 age category - Amber Penaliggon finished in 4th place overall with team mate Lizzie Rowlands in 6th

Grade 11: 12+ age category - Lucy Phippen finished in 8th place.

Grade 10: 12+ age category - Charlotte Chrispin finished in 9th place

March 2014;
Hertfordshire Grades:
A team of 15 girls all passed their grades with flying colours and 13 achieving distinction. For some of the gymnasts this was their first taste of a big competition so they could easily have been phased by the occasion but Lily Gildsmid, Isabelle Gallagher and Sofia Logo kept their nerve and delivered clean routines to achieve distinction at Grade 14. In the same grade Katy Caseley was unlucky to miss out on a medal but came a very credible 4th place while Eliza Atkins and Macy Catlin also put in sound performances to achieve distinctions.
At Grade 13 Amy Barrett earned a distinction and the quality continued with distinctions awarded to Rhea Pereira and Sadie Burt who competed at Grade 12. Sadie was placed 3rd overall and took the bronze medal for the club.
At Grade 11 all Berkhamsted gymnasts achieved podium positions and gained distinctions. Lucy Phippen was placed 3rd in the age 12 plus category, Lizzie Rowlands was 2nd in the 10-11 category and Amber Penaliggon took first place overall to win the county title.
Grade 10 saw Charlotte Chrispin, Maya Withey and Sofie Parkinson finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall respectively.
The medal winning gymnasts go forward and represent Hertfordshire in the East of England Regional Finals in April.

Feb 2014;
Angel of the North competition:
Amy Barrett - Grade 13 Champion - won Barbie doll, tiara and sash
Katy Caseley - Grade 14 - 3rd place sash
Sofia Catlin - Compulsory 5 - 2nd place sash

Sadie Burt - Grade 12 Champion - won Barbie doll, tiara and sash
Amber Penaliggon - (10-11) Grade 11 Champion - won Barbie doll, tiara and sash- special award for beam
Lizzie Rowlands - (10-11) Grade 11 - 2nd place sash
Lucy Phippen - (12+) Grade 11 Champion - won Barbie doll, tiara and sash
Lydia Sellen - Grade 8 3rd place sash and 1st place ribbon for R&C
Amelia Evans - Grade 6 Champion - won Barbie doll, tiara and sash - 3rd place ribbon for R&C

Jan 2014;
2014 Regional Squad Call up. 
Congratulations to Amelia (12yrs) and Poppy (11yrs) for being called up as part of the 2014 East Regional Squad.  Both girls were pre-selected by the Regional Coach due to their excellent competition results in 2013.  The girls will attend 6 regional training sessions at different locations around the East region as well as a weekend summer camp up in Ipswich.  Have fun girls.