Recreational Gymnastics

As described by our Governing Body;
British Gymnastics

As soon as a child is able to walk, they are ready to start gymnastics.

What better way to improve the balance and co-ordination of your child, in a safe, stimulating and protected environment. Watch your child grow in confidence as they interact with others their own age and explore movements that are fundamental to their ongoing growth and development.

As you child grows in size and strength, so to does their capacity to cope with greater complexity of movement patterns. What better time to teach and refine basic motor skills and begin to develop strength, flexibility and spatial awareness. As a result of gymnastics, they will very soon be able to participate in group classes and follow instructions from a coach/teacher.

But gymnastics is not just for young children. The benefits of gymnastics can be shared amongst people of all ages. The unique selling point of the sport is that it provides movement opportunities across the age spectrum and comes in a variety of disciplines, class formats, recreational, competitive, individual and team environments.

This allows children, teenagers and adults to participate in the sport regardless of their size and/or ability. Gymnastics allows everybody to progress at their own pace and there is plenty of scope to try different disciplines and transition from one to another as time, body size or lifestyles change. Gymnastics not only improves physical fitness, it also teaches hard work, perseverance and determination. The movement, variety of skills and participation opportunities, coupled with sense of accomplishment ensure the sport remains fun and exciting for all.

And even if you don’t stick with gymnastics, the skills and body awareness learned as part of gymnastics participation will ensure a solid foundation participation in any sport.

Give your children the right start in life and help them develop healthy habits early.
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