About Us


Tzu Chi follows Buddhist principles, but is absolutely not exclusive to Buddhism. The three vows of Dharma Master Cheng Yen (founder of the Tzu Chi Foundation): to purify people's hearts, to harmonize society, and to pray for a world without disasters, are ideals not limited to any religion. As a truly courageous and noble person, the Master, often referred to as the Chinese Mother Teresa, can serve as an inspiration to people from all kinds of backgrounds.


Every week, we host an event/activity that promotes some aspect of Tzu Chi's principles and missions. Our most popular events/activities include Hot Meal Service, where
we prepare and serve dinner at a homeless shelter, Convalescent Home Visit, where we perform for and entertain the elderly, Shoreline Clean Up, where we pick up trash at the local Berkeley Marina, and Iron Chef, where members gather to show off their vegetarian culinary abilities. Other events include but are not limited to: recycling, hot-meal distribution, card-making for the Oakland Children's Hospital, street sweeping in Oakland, and local disaster relief service.


It is extremely easy. No hassle, no application, and best of all, no membership fee. Just sign up for our email list (check out the tab to the left) and come to whichever events/activites you are interested in. We will send out an email the week before the event (no worries we promise we will not spam you) and if you think you might have fun, sign-up either through the email we send out, or through the "Event RSVP" tab on the left.  If you have any questions and/or concerns, feel free to email us. We hope to see you around.


As the earliest collegiate Tzu Chi youth group in the United States of America, the Berkeley Tzu Ching Chapter was established in the Spring of 1996. The goal was to introduce Tzu Chi to young adults and encourage students to learn to care for others and develop a responsible and noble character. In an effort to spread that spirit, other universities and colleges began their own Tzu Ching chapters and the Tzu Chi Collegiate Association was founded, an association to connect Tzu Ching from all around the country.


Literally, "compassionate youth." Tzu Ching is the collegiate group of the overarching international Tzu Chi Foundation. These "youths with compassion and joyous giving" abide by the Tzu Chi spirit and principles and work together to promote and carry out the Tzu Chi missions.


Our blue shirt stands for the blue sky while our white pants represent white clouds. These in turn symbolize the goal for Tzu Chi volunteers to keep their minds as wide and open as the blue

sky and their actions as pure and clean as the white clouds.