VOIP Server Project

A main project in BerkeleyTIP is to put together our own VOIP conference server.

A likely candidate is the Asterisk system.

Videos: We've had at least one, & it should be listed here.

Currently, BTIP uses the Ekiga.net voip server, located in France.  AFAIK, we've never had a problem with it.  But, it could be unaccessable at some time.

Having our own serverer would give:
1) Backup reliability.
2) Customization ability.

1) Control panel, to see who is in the voip channel,
2) Multiple channels, for multiple conversations.

BTIP Asterisk Server Work Log

More or less initial configuration. Installed asterisk from source including DAHDI software timing module. Enabled IAX and SIP connections. Relevant files are:
Echo test active on extension 600. Conference active on extension 8000. Username and password for both IAX and SIP connections is 'btip'.

Created 090422.