Video Speakers' Guide

This page is some notes for the people who gave talks, that were video recorded, & that are scheduled for viewing at a BTIP meeting.

{Hey - anyone who knows - why isn't the text on this page word wrapping???!}
It might be a useful thing if you would join the BTIP global mailing
list, & say "hi", & let us know you'll be trying to join with us.

Maybe give us a 1 sentence bio, & a 1 sentence intro to your talk.

This is a new & growing effort & event for us all - so, we're all just kinda playing this by ear. :) I started BerkeleyTIP as a local group meeting in June 2008.

It would be best if you can set yourself up with VOIP capability - voice com is much better than text IRC. :)

If you need help with that, or anything, ask questions on the mailing list, & also check in the #berkeleytip channel to see if someone there can help you in any way.

Thanks for giving your talk! :)

[& thanks to the video recorders, & video uploaders, & sponsoring goups. :) ]

Questions? Coments? :)