Organizer Guidelines


Anyone acting as a meeting organizer or editing the web site should be familiar with the information on this page.

Formatting & Editing on the Web Site

To keep the Berkeley TIP web pages readable and organized, please respect the general rules of good writing style. Two good references are the W3C Style Guide for Online Hypertext and the Elements of Style (W. Strunk).

General guidelines:
  • Include an introduction section on all web pages to briefly describe the function of the page.
  • Please be as clear and concise as possible. If possible and reasonable, include links to appropriate pages instead of duplicating information that exists elsewhere.
  • Keep the ASCII art and smiley faces to a minimum - this isn't

Meeting Announcement Posting (web site)

When posting the monthly meeting announcement, make sure to include:
  • A title beginning with "<month> <date> Meeting Announcent"
  • The physical Location and time
  • A list of Activities and Events
  • The activity schedule (if it differs from the usual schedule)
Note that posting extra information about the IRC channel, mailing list, VOIP connections details is discouraged, and links to the appropriate pages should be included instead, in order to avoid duplicate information.

Physical Meeting Responsibilities

If you are the designated organizer at a physical meeting (or just happen to show up first), please do the following:
  • Inform local staff/security that there is a meeting in progress so that they can direct attendees to the correct location.
  • Make and post a sign in a conspicuous location announcing the meeting; "Berkeley TIP Meeting" should do.
  • If there are any last-minute unforeseen changes that affect the meeting location or time, please make an effort to post to the mailing list with the details.