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September meetings: 19 Sun 12N-3P, 28 Tues 5-6P

posted Sep 18, 2010, 9:55 PM by jo re
BerkeleyTIP is the all Free SW (GNU(Linux), BSD, etc), Hardware &
Culture Group.  Talks, Installfest & Project/Programming Party.
Educational, Productive, Social.  2 weekend meetings per month, 1st
Saturday, 3rd Sunday, 12N-3P on campus.  2 VOIP only meetings 9 days
later, Monday or Tuesday 5-6PM.

Come on by & get install help, use help, work on any project, or discuss
any & everything, about any free sw hw or culture stuff. :)

We'll try to meet at the Cory hall 2nd floor lounge.  If that can't be
done for some reason, we can also try perhaps Soda hall, or at
FreeSpeech cafe at Moffitt library.

Please RSVP to me if you are coming, thanks. :)  Not necessary, but
helps my planning.  Do come by even if you haven't RSVP'd.

Watch the website, mailing list, & #berkeleytip on for
latest details.

For VOIP, try the BTIP box server, since the Darkvoip service (which has
also phone dial in) is likely no longer available.

We can also try skype.

Hot topics:
Planning for Fall 10 outreach, posters, announcements in classes.
- anyone want to help update/edit/improve posters (links found at bottom
of main btip website)
What goals should we have for this fall, & spring 11?
Hardware hacking - android, make an ipod touch like android design?
What are the +'s & -'s of the available android phones for MetroPCS?
(Sprint phones can be used).
Anti-spam sw for CSUA servers?
BTIP server will need a new home sometime this semester, who might like
to host it?
I'm told one of our members did a Google summer of code project.  Tell
us on this list, or in person, what you did. :)
- IIRC, it was KDE related, so I _especially_ would like to hear about
it. :\)  [that \ was a typo, but it looks interesting.  What does it

What are _your_ hot topics?

Outreach from BTIP to some other topic groups this semester:
FreeCulture, Drupal, SciPy, Ruby.
Any other topic groups on campus we should contact?
I'll also try to (eventually, when I have time) contact CSUA, IEEE, HKN,

It would also be good to try to reach some:
Bio, BioEng, Business, Law groups.  Anyone have any group
names/suggestions? Contacts?

Anyone want to help with in class BTIP 3 minute announcements?
Maybe the CS61 series of classes, CS10, & intro EE classes: 1, 20,40,
We should try to do that before the next in person meeting, Sat Oct 3,
What other classes should we try to make an announcement in?

Sign up for the BTIP global, Berkeley, or Announce only mailing lists.
See the website for details.