Meeting Minutes

February 7th Meeting Minutes

posted Feb 8, 2009, 10:31 AM by Windsor Schmidt

(copied from Chris Miller's mailing list posting)

Overall the meeting went very well for Feb. 7. We saw Kirk, Laurens, Windsor, Jake, myself, my dad, and two Berkeley students. That I remember. There's a shadow of another person in my mind that I feel was there, but the name escapes me.

Eventually I got Ekiga working (on OS X, lo and behold XMeeting works just fine, it's just that I do not have a microphone jack on my laptop, so I'm stuck with the little built-in microphone. Go figure.) There was a fellow from Oklahoma(I think...) in VoIP. During the last 30 minutes or so, Laurens was cut off from AirBears, and we couldn't figure out why.

Owing partly to John's absence, the meeting agenda did not happen. As usual, we spent a large amount of time fiddling with Ekiga, and some of the time was spent laughing at the various Linux commercials being sponsored by the Linux Foundation.

The general consensus is that we need a better meeting structure, and that we *might* consider perhaps leaving Ekiga alone in favor of a more reliable solution, such as Skype or Ventrillo.

So, with new lessons learned and more ideas in our heads, we look forward to March 7th, hoping to make it better than February! See you then!

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