Local Meetings

We encourage BTIP members to hold a local in person meeting simultaneous with the BTIP meeting, & help everyone get on VOIP.

This is the page for info about organizing such meetings.  Post the location, time, what to bring, etc, here.

Map of Current & Potential Simultaneous BTIP meeting locations.

We have had online attendees from:
California: SanFrancisco, San Jose, Davis, Los Angeles

USA: Hawaii, Washington, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina

Globally: Germany, England, Iran & India.

If you are in one of those areas, forward the BTIP announcement to your local relevant mailing list (ex, LUG).  Include info about where you'll hold a local meeting.

A college campus is a great place for a meeting, & is an opportunity to help introduce GNU(Linux) & Free SW & HW & Culture to the students.

At U. C. Berkeley, we meet at the Free Speech cafe, where there is WiFi available.

See the map of the FSCafe
Google map centered on the Free Speech Cafe
on the other BTIP page:
Directions to BTIP meeting location: Free Speech Cafe UCB

UC Locations - Including student groups & local LUGs:

0) Main:

Berkeley - www.berkeley.edu
 CSUA - csua.berkeley.edu
 IEEE - ieee.berkeley.edu
 Pi(e) CRUST (a FIRST-style high school robotics competition)  - sites.google.com/site/calpiecrust/
 Free Culture - freeculture.berkeley.edu/

1) Existing active LUGs

UCLA www.ucla.edu
 UCLALUG - linux.ucla.edu

2) Has Nearby LUGs

Davis - www.ucdavis.edu
 - LUGOD - www.lugod.org
San Francisco (Med School) - www.ucsf.edu
 - BALUG  www.balug.org
 - SF-LUG www.sf-lug.org
San Diego - www.ucsd.edu
   - Kernel Panic - www.kernel-panic.org

3) Previously active LUGs

Santa Cruz - www.ucsc.edu

4) BTIP Member there:

Riverside - www.ucr.edu

5) Engineering Dept:

Santa Barbara? - www.ucsb.edu
Merced - www.ucmerced.edu

6) Other???:

Irvine - www.uci.edu

7) UC Laboratories:

Berkeley (Lawrence) - www.lbl.gov
Livermore (Lawrence) - www.llnl.gov
Los Alamos (New Mexico) - www.lanl.gov

Likely candidates for local meetings:

2) San Jose California State University
3) San Francisco California State University

Let us know, either at meeting discussion, or on the mailing list, if you'd like to help get a local meeting going in your community.  [Text smiley, cause the webmaster don't like the regular ones.]

Email me on the list if you'd like to have web access, so you can post your local meeting info here. :)