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Besides compter related items:
Clothing: Be prepared. It is typically 60-80 degrees F outside at the FSCafe veranda.  Maybe bring a sun cap eyeshade.
Weather in Berkeley:
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ItemDescriptionHigh Priority
VOIP Headset Make sure our remote attendees have someone to speak with!  
Directions / Contact Information Make sure you check the mailing list to confirm the meeting time / location!  
Computer Laptop, desktop. Don't forget power cables and charger.  
Power Strip / Extension Cord Sometimes we run out of power outlets.  
Ethernet Cable / Crossover Cable CAT-5/6 patch cable to connect to hubs / other PCs.  
Clothing Typically 60-80 degrees F. Be prepared.  
Ethernet Hub 10/100/gig-E hub to allow users to share network connections.  
Operating System Install CD's Linux (your favorite distro), drivers, documentation.  
Showing 8 items