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October Meetings:

2 Sat    12N-3P, at UCB & IRC & VOIP online
11 Mon     5-6P, IRC & VOIP online
17 Sun 12N-3P, at UCB & IRC & VOIP online
26 Tues    5-6P, IRC & VOIP online

All meetings are online with Voice & IRC.

Sat & Sun weekend meetings are usually also in person at U.C. Berkeley.

In Person meetings Location: To Be Determined. - Please email me & we'll organize something for ourselves. Email me personally, or on the mailing list.
Perhaps at Soda 3rd floor lobby for October 2010.

New for 2010 Fall:
I'm working to try to have the in person meetings (weekends) at either Soda or Cory Hall. Also possibly the cafe at the new CITRIS/SitarjaDai Hall.  Please RSVP to me if you intent to come to the in person meeting.  RSVP isn't necessary, but helps my planning.

Check the mailing list
, #berkeleytip IRC channel, & this page for the latest details.

IRC: #berkeleytip on & VOIP globally.

Watch some talk videos. VOIP Howto
IRC: #berkeleytip on


Welcome. :)  Join the Berkeley Talks Installfest Potluck & Project/Programming Party (BTIP) group.

A global party/salon/conference/installfest/talks/discussions/hackfest.

About all Freedom Software, Hardware & Culture.

SW: GNU(Linux), BSD, personal, business
HW: Free hardware designs - ex: OpenMoko cell phone
Culture: Creative Commons, Wikipedia, etc

Join our global events: the 1st Saturday & 3rd Sunday of every month, physically in Berkeley, California, & online using Voice over internet (VOIP), wherever you are. Monday & Tuesday 5-6PM Voice meetings are 8 days after the weekend meetings.  We encourage people to have a local simultaneous community meeting - at a college wifi cafe is a great place.

Our meetings include:
  • Talks - Learn & discuss various topics
  • Installfest - Help people install GNU(Linux)  & other Freedom software
  • Potluck -  Coming soon
  • Project/Programming Party - On your own project, or collaborate on a group project
Sign up for our mailing list to join discussions, and receive information about upcoming meetings. Click here to sign up or view recent list postings!

Mailing List

Sign up for the BerkeleyTIP Global mailing list here:

(Click "Join this group" on the right hand side of that page.)

Details about the in-Berkeley meeting email list, & the announcement list are here:

Attending the Meetings

For more information about the meetings, please join the mailing list and post your questions on the list. Don't forget to check the 'Stuff to Bring' list if you're planning to attend in person!

Note: For last-minute information on meetings, be sure to check the mailing list!

When: First Saturday of every month, 12N - 3PM PST (= UTC-8H) = 3P - 6P EasternUS = 8P - 11P UTC.

Where: Unless otherwise noted, we meet at the Free Speech Cafe at Moffitt Undergrad Library on the UC Berkeley campus. Here's a map. For more information, see the Directions page.

Attend Remotely: If you can't make a meeting in person but would like to join in, we have both an IRC channel (text chat) and VOIP conference (voice chat) active during the meetings. See the Remote Attendance page for details on getting your computer configured to use IRC or VOIP.


  • 2010 October meetings October meetings: 2 Sat 12N-3P, at UCB & IRC & VOIP online 11 Mon 5-6P, IRC & VOIP online 17 Sun 12N-3P, at UCB & IRC & VOIP online 26 Tue 5 ...
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Meeting Agenda 12N-3P in person, 10A-6P PST online

The First Saturday meeting is 12N-3PM in person, 10A-6P online.  The 3rd Sunday meeting is online only, unless RSVP arranged beforehand.
Check the news items and mailing list announcements for information about upcoming scheduled activities.

 Time Description
 10 A
Set up.  Get on IRC & VOIP

 12 N
PROJECT/PROGRAMMING PARTY begins: VOIP Conference client & server - FreeSwitch, SFLPhone, Ekiga & Asterisk, FreeSwitch

OLPC; Games; Education; Database; Business
Sys/Net Admin; Apache, Drupal

 1 P
Free Culture - Wikipedia, CreativeCommons, etc.; Law; GNU

Distros: Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse, Mandriva, BSD, etc.; Science & Engineering;
Programming Languages: Python, Ruby, etc

 2 P
LIGHTNING TALKS; Hardware- Ex: OpenMoko Phone; Bio/Medicine/Health, ScientificPython

Internet/Website; Local meetings arrangements

Meeting minutes from previous meetings are posted here.

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