Former Participants
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Graduate Students 

Michael Antolik is now a scientist at QTSI/AFTAC in Florida.

Ludovic Breger is now with Barclays Global Inverstors.

David Dolenc is now at the U of Minnesota, Duluth, Large Lakes Observatory.            

Yuancheng Gung is now an assistant professor at National Taiwan University.            

Chaincy Kuo is now a researcher as Xenogen.                        

Yves LeStunff is now a researcher at Total.                 

Charles Megnin is now running the New Orleans Center for the Photographic Arts

Mark Panning is now a Hess fellow at Princeton. He will join the faculty of the U. of Florida in Summer 2008.

Michael Pasyanos is now a researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Lab.            

Junkee Rhie is now an assistant professor at Seoul National University, Korea. 

Sebastien Rousset is back in France, teaching. 

Hrvoje Tkalcic is a fellow at the Australian National University. 

Akiko Toh is now a JSPS post-doc at JAMSTEC 

Post-Doctoral Associates

Yann Capdeville is a CNRS permanent researcher at IPG-Paris.

Eric Clevede is a CNRS permanent researcher at IPG-Paris.

Olivier Coutant is at Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble.       

Joseph Durek is a program manager at the Strategic Technology Office. 

Xiang Dong Li   

Federica Marone is now a staff research scientist at the Paul Scherer Institute in Switzerland. 

Visiting Scientists

Ed Garnero is an associate professor at Arizona State University.

Jan Matas is a CNRS researcher at Ecole normale superieure, Lyon.

Annie Souriau is at Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse.

Georges Poupinet is LGIT in Grenoble.

Nozomu Takeuchi is back at Earthquake Research Institute, Tokyo.

Lev Vinnik is at the Institute of Physics of the Earth, Moscow.