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The Global Seismology Research Group at UC Berkeley is a part of the Department of Earth and Planetary Science and is affiliated with the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory. Our research focuses on structure and dynamics of the deep earth, from the crust to the inner core. We tackle theoretical wave propagation problems in complex 3D media, including forward modeling and tomographic inversion for elastic as well as anelastic structure. In order to better understand the chemical and thermal state of the mantle and the processes operating therein, we seek to apply the latest findings of the mineral physics community within the context of our seismic probing. We also study earthquake source mechanisms and scaling laws, as well as global seismic moment release and its relation to plate tectonics. One of our recent research directions concerns the Earth's "hum" and the insights it brings to ocean/atmosphere/solid earth interactions.

Current Participants

Principal Investigator                                           

Barbara Romanowicz

Deep earth structure and dynamics using seismological tools. Earthquake processes and scaling laws. Real-time estimation of earthquake parameters. Development of modern broadband seismic and geophysical observatories on land and in the oceans. Planetary seismology.

Graduate Students

Shan Dou is interested in using normal modes to study Earth structure.

Sean Ford studies seismic attenuation on regional scales. He is also interested in the seismic heterogeneity of the Earth's true surface.

Ahyi Kim studies the velocity and anisotropic structure of East Asia. She is also interested in earthquake source processes, especially for deep events.

Ved Lekic studies seismic attenuation in the mantle. He is also interested in everything, which includes the many strange planetary bodies of our Solar System.

Post-Doctoral Associates

Fabio Cammarano studies the interiors of the Earth and other planetary bodies using an interdisciplinary approach that relies on seismology, mineral physics, and geodynamics.

Aimin Cao studies the properties of and processes operating in the inner core of the Earth, as well as the seismic waves that traverse it.

Huaiyu Yuan studies the anisotropic structure beneath North America using surface waves and body wave splitting measurements.

Laurent Stehly is interested in using seismic noise to learn about Earth structure.

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