Meeting notes: March 31, 2009

posted Mar 31, 2009, 1:43 PM by Michelle Lee   [ updated Mar 31, 2009, 3:07 PM ]
In attendance: Gina, Charlie, David, Matt, Heather, Kara, Michelle

1. Elections

The 2009-2010 board:

3L President: Charles Ainscough
2L Presidents: David Stark and Matt Dal Santo
Treasurer: Alison Crow
Secretary: Michelle Lee

- Over the summer, Gina will put all her Animal Law Society documents onto Google docs for all to use.
- She will also transfer e-mail list to the new presidents.
- David and Matt are going to work on getting an Animal Law journal going.

2. Moot Court

- We don't know if the Board of Advocates will put the Animal Law competition back on their list.
- If they don't, we can send a team independently as we did this year.
- If they do, we will have to heavily promote the team so that the Board of Advocates will know that there is interest and keep sponsoring the team.

3. Admit Day

- This Friday
- Gina and Michelle and others will be there to promote Berkeley SALDF

4. Gina is on the board of an ALDF committee that is forming a non-profit to buy the Michael Vick land and turn it into a sanctuary for former fighting dogs (or other animals)! She will keep us updated on how we can help out.

5. Earth Day

- April 23; during the day: vegan food, coupons, giveaways, and information about animals and environment
- evening: screening of "Sharkwater"
- people signed up for tabling, baking, and making informational posters
- Michelle to send out Google spreadsheet with tasks
- Heather to ask ELQ if we can borrow plates for evening

6. A legal project with ALDF/ALDF affiliated lawyers, hopefully to grow into a clinic
- Michelle to e-mail Nicole Roth about it and look into it