Animal Law and Animal Welfare Organizations and Firms

Organizations Practicing Animal Law

Animal Legal Defense Fund  (our parent organization!)

International Institute of Animal Law

Humane Society of the United States

Compassion over Killing 

Private Firms and Attorneys with Animal Protection Practices

This list is not exhaustive, nor do we recommend any particular attorney. 

Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal

(D.C.) 202.588.5206

A firm that specializes in Wildlife and Animal Protection; Environment and Safe Energy; Open Government Laws (FOIA); Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties; and Ballot Initiatives and Referenda.

The Animal Law Office
(San Francisco) 415.297.3109
Also, see the Animal Law Office's list of other animal attorneys: 

Animal Law Associates 
(Berkeley) 510.548.7382

Corey Evans
(San Francisco)

Jason Guetzkow
(San Jose) 408.420.4545

Shannon Keith
(Studio City) 323.243.2300

Althea Kippes
P.O. Box 2807
San Francisco, CA 94126-2807 

Robert Newman
(Santa Ana) 714.542.7600

Bruce Wagman
(San Francisco) 415.901.8762

Law Offices of Barbara J. Gislason


General Animal Welfare and Animal Rights Organizations


San Francisco SPCAs

Animal Protection Institute 

Farm Sanctuary 

Campus Organizations

Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy