Berkeley Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

The Berkeley Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) strives to foster awareness of animal abuse and and its significant societal and environmental repercussions and to promote positive legal protection of animal welfare.  We hold speaker events and movie screenings, raise money for local animal organizations through frequent bake sales, encourage eating less meat and paying more attention to where our food comes from, promote participation in Berkeley's Animal Law class, coordinate the Animal Law Research Project, and support student engagement in national animal law conferences and competitions.  

Our Animal Law Research Project is a group of Boalt students who take on small research assignments that support the work of animal lawyers at organizations including the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and Farm Sanctuary.  It provides a great opportunity to work to improve animal welfare while earning pro bono (Edley) hours, building legal research skills, and learning more about the wide-ranging field of animal law.

Although we only serve vegan food at our events, many of our members are not vegetarian or vegan.  To promote animal welfare and environmental responsibility, we encourage omnivores to reduce their consumption of animal products (especially meat) and to choose organic and humanely raised alternatives when they do eat them (with the caveat that organic and humane certification programs generally do not adequately protect animal welfare).

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