Workshop Tutorial Files

All input and output files used during the BerkeleyGW 2018 Workshop were published to Materials Data Facility. You will need a Globus account to access the files (total size is 22GB): link
A tarball (12 MB) with the input files used in the smaller examples is also available at the end of the "Presentations" section below.

General Resources

BerkeleyGW quick reference guide: html
BerkeleyGW 1.2 manualhtml | pdf
BerkeleyGW implementation paperarxiv:111.4429
M. Hybersten and S. Louie's paper on the ab initio GW method: Phys. Rev. B 34, 5390 (1986)
M. Rohlfing and S. Louie's paper on the ab initio BSE method: Phys. Rev. B 62, 4927 (2000)
Paratec's manual: html (see also PARATEC section in BerkeleyGW manual)
FAQs with common answers to problems: FAQ