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Fall 2008 Reader

September - Molecular Toxicology

August 27th- Class Overview: No reading.

September 3rd- Molecular Toxicology Discussion I: Homepage of the Molecular Toxicology Graduate Group at UC Berkeley. Two easy to read and informative presentations from the Society of Toxicology 1) Introduction to Toxicology and 2) Toxicology Concepts An article in Chemical Research in Toxicology "Future of Toxicology - Predictive Toxicology" by Ann M. Richard.

September 10th- Dale Johnson: Structure Activity Relationships. Check out his homepage.

September 17th- Molecular Toxicology Discussion II. Read the following two articles: (1)An article discussing methods to predict bio-persistence of organic pollutants (2) Mechanisms of action for toxic halogenated aromatic compounds.

Other Toxicology Readings (1)Recent Article in Small by Vicki Colvin Reviewing the Toxicity of Various Nanomaterials. (2) An article ranking various refrigerant molecules.

September 24- Green Chemistry in the Academic Setting I. (1) A review article by Jim Hutchinson looking at ways to improve nanoparticle synthesis. (2) A short letter written by Marty concerning the 12 principles of Green Chemistry. (3) A Journal of Materials Chemistry article by Cathrine Murphy concerning sustainability in nanoparticle research.

October - Green Chemistry in Academia

October 1st- Jim Hutchinson. Check out the University of Oregon Green Chemistry program.

October 8th- Green Chemistry Discussion II. A recent article by Craig Criddle discussing the fate of a flouronated organic molecule in activated sludge.carbon dioxide expanded solvents.

October 15th- Craig Criddle. Check out Environmental Biotechnology at Standford-Criddle Group.

October 22nd- Bala Subramaniam. University of Kansas Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis

October 29th- Chris Vulpe UC Berkeley department of Molecular Toxicology. Check out the recent National Academy Report concerning "Toxicology Testing in the 21st Century."  Also one of Bala Subramaniam's articles concerning carbon dioxide expanded solvents.

November - Green Chemistry and Public Policy

November 5th- Mike Wilson and Meg Schwarzman Program in Green Chemistry and Chemicals Policy at UC Berkeley Mike and Meg helped to prepare "Green Chemistry: Cornerstone to a Sustainable California" a report for the California Environmental Protection Agency. Report by Richard Denison of Environmental Defense Fund comparing chemicals policies of US, EU and Canada, outlining "best practices". "Environment: California out in Front" An article from Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 115, Number 3, March 2007.

November 12th- Claudia Polsky from the department of toxic substances control. Please read Science and Trans-Science by Alvin Weinberg. This article explores the role of science and scientists when addressing questions which don't have quantitative answers (issues the author terms “trans-science”), but are still questions which can be informed by the scientific process.

November 19th- Amber Wise A Post Doc with UCSF researching new methods for assesing the risk of chemicals and nanomaterials. Amber will be giving a talk, "What Scientists Should Know about Policy." In preparation read a recent article in EHP about "Good Laboratory Practices" and why these practices give little guarantee for the quality of studies used for regulatory decision-making. A copy of Amber's talk can be found here.

            Other links concerning Green Chemistry Policy:

Report of the science advisory panel to the Cal/EPA Green Chemistry Initiative

"Manufactuing Uncertainty" -- about the history of industry in discrediting evidence.

"Law for the Ecological Age", written by Joe Guth a PhD biochemist and a lawyer working on chemicals policy.

California Department of Toxic Substances Control

A Washington Post article about industry influence of research by David Michaels, author of Doubt is their Product

December - Sustainable Principles in the Chemical Industry

December 3rd- Industry Panel I: Dow, Clorox, and Proctor and Gamble
December 10th- Industry Panel II: Chemical Strategies Partnership, Design Chain Associates, Calera
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