Green Chemistry and Sustainable Design Seminar Series

Many current methods for the manufacture of chemical products rely primarily on non-renewable resources, consume large amounts of energy, and can often result in damage to human and ecological health. Our goal is to consider these challenges from a chemical perspective. What makes a chemical safe and sustainable? How do we improve our chemical methods to address issues of waste, energy consumption, and safety? And what roles do those from academia, industry, and public policy take in achieving these initiatives? We believe solving these problems represents a tremendous opportunity to develop new chemistries through both focused research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Mondays 4 - 5 pm
180 Tan Hall
CCN: 12704

Special Thanks

This seminar series would not be possible without the help of several key players both past and present. We thank Prof. Richmond Sarpong for taking us under his wings, Prof. Bob Bergman and Anneke Runtupalit for helping us start this series, Dr. Marty Mulvihill and Prof. John Arnold for their continued support, and Barbara McWilliams and Nancy Horton for their administrative assistance and guidance.

We would also like to thank Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry (BCGC), Department of Chemistry, and Dow Chemical for their sponsorship and support.

Thank you!