Green Chemistry and Sustainable Design is an organization composed of entirely of graduate students who are interested in promoting the advancement of green chemistry and sustainable design principles through the creation of a venue for the discussion and dissemination of information among students and faculty from diverse fields, including chemistry, engineering, toxicology, public health, public policy, business, and environmental science.  To encourage the flow of information, we organize a weekly Fall seminar series that invite advocates of green chemistry in academia, industry, and governmental agencies to discuss recent technologies and progress of a sustainable future in chemistry.  The seminar series, now in its fifth year, focuses on the environmental footprint of chemistry, mitigation and reduction of the harms from these impacts, and the scientific, ethical, and political future of green chemistry.
  • Come to the seminar series offered by the Berkeley Department of Chemistry.  Please enroll (CCN 12704)!
  • Join the list serve to receive the most current information and arrange individual meetings with the speakers
  • Help us bring in experts from around the country. Donations and suggestions are highly encouraged!
  • Get involved!  Contact us: gcsd@lists.berkeley.edu
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