Note: This is a past version of the class.  Please see the Fall 2017 class webpage.

Berkeley CS294-127, Fall 2016
Mon / Fri 2:00 - 3:30, Room: Soda 405
Instructors: Laura Waller and Ren Ng
Class Communication: Piazza
Office Hours: Waller - Cory 514, Thu 2:00pm;  Ng - Soda 535, Mon 3:45pm

This course provides a graduate-level introduction to computational imaging, particularly engineering of imaging systems in which hardware (optics, sensors, etc) is co-designed with software (algorithms, processing subsystem).   Topics to include: basics of imaging, including geometrical and wave optics, PSF engineering, light fields and light field imaging, compressed sensing and reconstruction, light transport, relighting, time-of-flight imaging, Fourier optics, and imaging for virtual reality and augmented reality.

The class will be a lecture + discussion-based seminar.  Enrolled students will be expected to scribe a lecture, lead a discussion, and do a final project. 

Background: EE16A/B (Signals and Systems), CS184 (Graphics); helpful: exposure to Fourier Transforms, statistics.
Grading Policy (draft): 15% lead discussion, 15% scribe lecture, 10% lead discussion, 20% scribe lecture,  30% participation, 40% project. 

Schedule (draft - will be revised as we proceed):

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