Mountain Equipment Civetta Pant

mountain equipment civetta pant
    mountain equipment
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is a Canadian consumers' cooperative, which sells outdoor recreation gear and clothing. MEC is notable for its commitment to environmental protection and other causes.
  • Monte Civetta (3,220 m) is a mountain in the Dolomites, in the Province of Belluno in northern Italy.
  • A short, quick breath
  • A throb or heave of a person's heart or chest
  • breathe noisily, as when one is exhausted; "The runners reached the finish line, panting heavily"
  • the noise made by a short puff of steam (as from an engine)
  • trouser: (usually in the plural) a garment extending from the waist to the knee or ankle, covering each leg separately; "he had a sharp crease in his trousers"
mountain equipment civetta pant - Civetta, Taylor
Civetta, Taylor and Kirby's Critical Care (Critical Care (Civetta))
Civetta, Taylor and Kirby's Critical Care (Critical Care (Civetta))
The leading critical care textbook since 1988, Civetta, Taylor and Kirby's Critical Care is now in its Fourth Edition, with a new editorial team, over thirty new chapters, and completely updated information. The book addresses every problem encountered in the intensive care unit and covers surgical critical care more thoroughly than any other text. Each chapter begins with immediate concerns and proceeds to broader-based discussions of relevant pathophysiologic and clinical issues.
This edition has new sections on shock states; pharmacology, nutrition, toxicology and the environment; and disaster management. New chapters include bedside ultrasound, point of care testing, neurogenic shock, anaphylactic shock, surgical infections, and acute coronary syndrome.
A companion Website will offer instant access to the fully searchable text.

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MEC WINDOW portfolio3
MEC WINDOW portfolio3
This is some of my window display for Mountain Equipment Co-op. The windows are 20' wide x 12 ' high x 4' deep. The goal of the window is to display real products in the enviroment they would be used in. My job is to design, and co-design the windows from concept through installation.
My 15 minutes of fame
My 15 minutes of fame
...well, maybe more like several months... and probably not all that famous... This is one of the photos on display in Mountain Equipment Co-op in Vancouver. That's me on the far right!

mountain equipment civetta pant
mountain equipment civetta pant
Civetta, Taylor, and Kirby's Manual of Critical Care (0)
Based on the 4th edition of the renowned textbook of the same name, this softcover manual focuses on the information necessary to make clinical decisions in the ICU. It begins with a crucial section on responding to emergency situations in the ICU. It proceeds to cover the most relevant clinical infomation in all areas of critical care including critical care monitoring, techniques and procedures, essential physiologic concers, shock states, pharmacology, surgical critical care, and infectious diseases. The manual also contains thorough reviews of diseaes by organ system: cardiovascular diseases, repiratory disorders, neurologic and gastrointestinal disorders, renal, endocrine, skin and muscle diseases, and hematologic/ oncologic diseases. This essential new resource is written in an easy-to-read style that makes heavy use of bulleted lists and tables and features an all-new full color format with a color art program. All critical care providers will find this a useful clinical resource.

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