Beringer Commons Homeowners Association

Welcome to the BCHOA!

Beringer Commons is a premier subdivision in Urbana, Illinois with beautiful homes and condos, friendly people, and quiet streets. It has 4 lakes, 10.7 acres of common grounds and 2 miles of off-street walkways. Located just minutes from downtown Urbana, with easy access to I-74, Rt. 150 and Windsor Road.

Some Friendly Reminders:

  • Remember to keep light posts functioning and replace burned out bulbs promptly.

  • Almost all exterior additions require approval from the Architectural Committee. Forms can be downloaded from the Resource Center.

  • For the safety of Beringer Commons residents and their guests, please keep dogs leashed or in a appropriate fenced area.

  • Please don't feed the geese. By feeding them processed grain, it provides very little nutrition, weakens their bone structure, and makes them dependent on humans.

  • Common areas and lakes are for the enjoyment of all homeowners. Please do your part to help keep the areas free of debris and dog waste.

  • Please maintain a 50' buffer to the lakes when fertilizing lawns. This will aid in our control of the algae in the lakes.