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2017 update. Hi and welcome to berimbaus by Pererê

The purpose of this site is to showcase the custom made berimbaus that I craft & sell to the public and to also serve as a launch point for you to set up an order with me for a hand-crafted berimbau of your very own. Check the gallery link at left to view a wide range of my beautifully designed artisan berimbaus.

I began seriously crafting berimbaus in 1992 after my first visit to Bahia, Brazil in order to deepen my learning of the traditional art of Capoeira Angola which I began studying in 1989. There in Bahia I was introduced to fine berimbaus makers - foremost Mestre Lua Rasta, and several others  - who graciously shared their craft & knowledge with me. This began in earnest a creative journey over many revisits to that beautiful and complex cultural landscape where I would have the chance to learn with a wide variety of Brazilian experts. I have since had the opportunity to share my knowledge and berimbaus all around the world with many diverse people who all together share a profound love and curiosity for this ancient and beguiling instrument.

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To Place Your Order or Ask A Question: Contact Pererê.


Prefer not to wait for a custom order? I have berimbaus already to go - with various styles to choose from - at my online store. Here you can also purchase other related items and also replacement cords for bracing your berimbau - so please go check out:

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The crafting techniques I use include pyrography (decorative wood burning) and the use of fiber dyes of rich colors to enhance the already beautiful natural textures of the hardwood and gourds which berimbaus are made from.

I acquire my gourds direct from growers around the United States, collect the fretting stones (moedas) from the seashore, and harvest hardwoods I use from woodlands near where I reside in the Pacific NW.

The designs I explore source from a variety of traditional cultures - predominantly African & Polynesian and often frequently interweave aspects of sacred geometry, magical symbols, and folkloric motifs from nature intended to imbue the instrument with positive qualities and energy. I put a lot of myself into crafting these beauties and very much enjoy making high quality tools for making awesome music.


Please contact me directly for pricing and ordering information. I refrain from post this information up front because it is my desire and intention to establish a warm and trusting dialogue with each and every patron and have found that inviting you to reach out makes for a more positive transaction for all of us. See below for a contact link.

Thanks for your interest in supporting an independent craftsman!


To Place Your Order or Ask A Question: Contact Pererê.

Capoeira Music by Perere & Students

 A scratchy but grooving sample of traditional capoeira angola music performed by some of my students and I some years back.

Completed Works

berimbaus made  for a capoeira group in Eastern Washington

                 Sent to Pennsylvania

            Sent to Michigan

Several of these berraboi (large base berimbaus) made and sent to Nebraska, California, and one sent to a military base somewhere!

A finished berimbau which found a home with a capoeirista in Nebraska

Burning a 'tree of life' design into the cabaca of my favorite berraboi.

  Completed Works

   A beautiful set of five berimbaus sent to a capoeira group in Michigan