Bergwolf's Resume
 Peng Tao (彭涛)

Room 609, 3rd Teaching Building, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications

Xitucheng road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100876, China



Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications        2003-2007

                Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology

Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications        2007-present

                Broadband Network Research Center
                State Key Laboratory of Network and Switching Technology
                Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Major: Computer Science and Technology, pursuing master degree


Grub4ext4: Enable GRUB legacy to boot ext4 partitions               May, 2008-Aug, 2008

                The project is a 08' Google Summer of Code project working for mentored by Coly Li. Ext4 file system is supposed to be the successor of ext3 file system and has several incompatible features that disable GRUB legacy to boot ext4 partitions. Grub4ext4 provides GRUB legacy with support for such incompatible features.

mSpace Adaptive Bandwidth Forecaster                                Oct, 2007-Jun, 2008

                This project implements a bandwidth forecaster for CMCC(China Mobile Communications Corporation) mSpace platform. It collects network statistics(both wired and wireless) and forecasts bandwidth bottlenecks in the network using adaptive algorithms.

An Implementation of NAT Traversal for SIP                          Mar,2007-June, 2007

                This is my graduation project. The main task is to implement a STUN server in Linux environment. This requires a solid background of TCP/IP and relevant protocols. The server is part of an IMS project of Broadband Network Research Center. 

TFTP Server, HTTP proxy server

TIP file parser, A photo composer                                   2005-2006

                 These are some small programs for my undergraduate homework. The photo composer simply composes four same sized photo into a single large one, regardless of their own formats. All programs are coded in my SLED box.


Speaker on Novell&Intel OTC workshop                                December 8, 2008

                Introduce grub4ext4 and ext4 without journal.

Speaker on a BoF at Gnome.Asia Summit                               October 19, 2008

                Share the experience of applying for GSoC(Google Summer of Code) slots, working with the open source community, and enjoying open source hacking.

3rd IEEE Region 10 Student Congress (R10SC 2006’)                   April, 2006

                Member of IEEE BUPT Student Branch. Build a website for the event and offer support to other departments.

Volunteer in the 50th anniversary of BUPT                           Oct, 2005
                Member of Photographing Department.
                Take verities of photos during the ceremony.


  • Good understanding of TCP/IP and relevant protocols.
  • Familiar with C/C++ programming in Linux environment.
  • Familiar with Linux VFS architecture and ext2/3/4 file systems.
  • Knowledge of Linux administrations and basic kernel methods.