The page is a collection of my patches to some open source projects.

1. Linux kernel

commit ac046f1d6121ccdda6db66bd88acd52418f489b2
ext4: fix null handler of ioctls in no journal mode 

commit 91cc219ad963731191247c5f2db4118be2bc341a
ext4: fix journal ref count in move_extent_par_page

commit 785b4b3a5a992eeb8b495a89b6f690b383010aba
ext4: fix build warning when EXT4FS_DEBUG is on

commit 16c01b20ae0572d5a1fe8059f1b4c09f79b73cbf
doc/filesystems: more mount cleanups

2. e2fsprogs

commit f97ea10fde6d8bee670d388f02cf9524b8f2d7da
filefrag: fix fm_start in filefrag_fiemap loop

commit ca4d95a9328af89a9f8fa490fc37115eb80524ba
remove bogus "-e" option from filefrag manpage

commit 2884d208a37fe8813267198a247694bc90b00f96
resize2fs: fix minimum resize size calculation with flex_bg

commit 1d8af189bd3762c09175ff4d9b6cdd98fe8c8150
resize2fs: resize2fs: calculate minimal fs size only once

commit 2d7ef236b752c1da7868f009018075fddc01d810
debugfs: add matching fclose

3. btrfsprogs

commit 0869c0ca7cbd996ccf337695cc0c8e3aa1447111
Add btrfs-show man page

commit bf2b9d2ba459d43b150f5ad36ff0f2c8b0264f88
Add btrfs-image man page

commit a74f4651c963bd9c68fb873a90427b89aaec5226
Fix typos in btrfsck, btrfsctl, mkfs.btrfs manual

4. grub-opensuse

Add ext4 support.