Ben Bergman

Comic and Generally Likable Guy, Except When He's Not

By channeling his extroverted style and charisma through the microphone Ben has found a natural rapport with people and audiences in general.  Ben continues to perform in front of a variety of audiences, which has made him a well-rounded entertainer.

Often described by his peers as quick-witted and sarcastic, Ben’s sharp insight and honest delivery leave audiences enthralled with laughter. Ben grew up in a family of several sisters one or two brothers and three or four parents. Depending on when you check the timeline. Surprisingly as much as his family has added, subtracted and multiplied Ben remains bad at math.

But he did learn at an early age that humor has its advantages. It was his only defense for his older siblings who could beat him up or worse force him to play dress-up. As Ben “grew up” and finished college, he realized that the only thing he owned outright was his sense of humor. From there he set off to share it with those who would enjoy it.

Ben started doing stand-up on Valentine's Day. What else could have been going on that was so interesting on cupid's birthday?