SolusChess connected to an Android device

    The benefit of emulating a USB keyboard, is that the chessboard can be connected to any device which support the connection of a keyboard. Therefore not only serves to play connected to a PC, but also to a Smartphone, Tablet, etc. equiped with a USB "Host".

    Besides supporting the connection of a USB keyboard, the device has to have installed a chess program that accepts the input of moves via keyboard.

    For Android there's a great program, developed by Aart J.C. Bik, which allows the use of chess engines for both protocols UCI and WinBoard.


  1. Connect a USB keyboard to the Android device (Tablet, Smartphone, ...) and check it's working properly.

    In some cases you can connect directly, and in others you will need to use a USB OTG adapter (USB On-The-Go). Check the operating instructions of the Android device to see what is your case.

    OTG micro-USB adapter, with cable.

  2. Then download and install the "Chess for Android" program, obtained in this web site:

  3. Next we can add chess engines that we like, following the instructions on these web sites:

  4. And finally we can plug our chessboard and start playing. The instruction manual is available here:

Aart's Chess for Android.


    Starting from version 8.3.5, the Chess program created by Jeroen Carolus supports the input of moves via keyboard.

Jeroen's Chess for Android.


Components: SolusChess board, magnetic pieces,
7" Tablet, USB and OTG cables.

Playing with "Chess" program by Aart J.C. Bik

"Chess" by Aart J.C. Bik for Android.

Playing with my "travel" SolusChess with "Chess" program by Jeroen Carolus.