नेपाली बर्गेन समाज(नेबर्स)

A Snapshot on Nepali Bergen Society (NEBERS)

It has been a long-standing desire amongst Nepalese people residing in Bergen (Norway) to observe a forum well connecting them from each other. Obviously, sense of their identical substances such as culture, fiesta, language, and so and so forth made them passionate and enthusiast mulling over an organized connection. Looking back, Nepalese students happened to be part of Bergen education as early as 90s and the city always remains an attractive destination due to its endless opportunities. As a result, the ever growing number of Nepali students and professionals espoused the concerns of fellow-feeling, too. Having a series of discussions, the last autumn 2006 ultimately granted us possession of an organized Nepali community namely ‘Nepali Bergen Nepali Society’ (NEBERS), Norway.


The principle objective of NEBERS is to give a synergic effect by connecting all the Nepalese citizens with high sense of bhaichara (fellow-feeling) and Nepalitwa (belongingness to Nepal). Accordingly, it underlies other subordinate objectives such as running a constructive network, offering Nepalese inheritance like linguistic, cultural, festival etc, making the image of Nepal ‘up’, promoting Nepalese individuals to succeed their in-Norway-missions, and finally developing a coherent relationship with Bergen society.


As an adhoc provision, a seven-member executive committee looks after all the executive roles. However, all the legislative authorities lie with its general assembly. Till now, NEBERS in financial terms is voluntarily running. Members are the source of its funds essential for various programs. A bundle of concerns at the moment are on rise, i.e., institutionalization process be ventured, a long term relation with Bergen Kommune be set out and exchange with other similar Nepali societies elsewhere in Norway be kicked off.


In retrospective view, NEBERS since its formation has scored a series of programs. Notable ones include Dashain-2006, New Year-2007, farewell and welcome programs and so on. A recent leap towards luncheon of its official blog site ( has given it a new height.


NEBERS embraces as its first and foremost challenge the process of ‘institutionalization’. Only this can ‘guarantee’ for future. The moment we leave the city back to home, we would like to transfer NEBERS to next generation in the form of an asset that we preserve for them.


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