नेपाली बर्गेन समाज(नेबर्स)

तपाईहरुलाई हार्दिक स्वागत गर्दछ्    

Nepal Gov. Regd. No. 568/2063

Nepal-University of Bergen Alumni Association (NeBrAA)


Every year, Norway has been providing 5-10 scholarships to Nepalese student to pursue their higher study in University of Bergen (UIB). Until 2006, more than 25 students have been graduated from UIB in different disciplines like natural science, geography, health science, system dynamic, public administration, anthropology, sociology and a dozens of student are currently in progress of their graduation. The UIB has great contribution upon human resources development for Nepal. Thus, Nepal-University of Bergen Alumni Association (NeBrAA) has been created in Nepal to establish contact among the students who have already completed their higher education from UIB, to promote education and research in Nepal and to develop friendship with people from Norway and Norwegian education institutions. The NeBrAA is a non-political, nonreligious, and non-profit making non-governmental organization registered with government of Nepal.


NeBrAA has following aims:

· To establish a contact among Nepalese students who are already graduated from UIB and develop friendship and cooperation among themselves,

· To promote educational, social and cultural cooperation between educational institutions of Nepal and UIB,

· To organize and coordinate seminar, workshop and discussion to promote the educational and cultural activities in Nepal,

· To promote the cooperation between people of Nepal and Norway,

· To introduce Norwegian culture and education in Nepal and vice versa,

· To facilitate students and researchers coming from UIB and other Norwegian institutions to conduct their research in Nepal,

· To provide the orientation training about Norwegian culture and life style to the students who are going to Norway for study,

· To work as a catalyst for strengthening bilateral relationship between Nepal and Norway as well as to explore the new areas of cooperation between two countries.

· To develop peer review community and publish journals, bulletins and booklets.

NeBrAA has an executive committee consisting 11 members, their portfolio, degree from UIB, and email address is given below:



Email and Telephone

Dr Khem Raj Bhattarai


Res: 4284266 Res,

Mob: 9851085389

Mr. Sundar Kumar Rai

V. President

Res: 4331934 Res

Mr. Prem Sagar Chapagain


Res: 4334066 Res

r. Shishir Paudel

J. Secretary

Mob:  9851086756

Mr. Pawan K. Ghimire


Res: 5544465 Res

Mob: 9841252364 Mob.

Mr. Rajesh Thapa


Res: 5542638

Mob: 9841246720

Dr Sunil K. Joshi


Mob: 9851056859

Mrs Shyamu Thapa Magar


Mob: 9841460784

Mr. Madhusudan Subedi


Mob: 9841456069

Mr. Rameshwor Dangal


Mob: 9841364009

Mr. Keshav Prasad Paudel



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