नेपाली बर्गेन समाज(नेबर्स)

तपाईहरुलाई हार्दिक स्वागत गर्दछ् !!!        You are heartly Welcome !!!


NEBERS wishes you all Happy New Year 2008 !!!

सूचना स्तम्भ (Notice Corner) : !!!


Farewell party

NEBERS organized a farewell party on February 24, 2008 to MR. Kamal Prasad Acharya who recently finished his M.Sc. study. On behalf of NEBERS family, Ganesh Chaulagain handed a gift to him wishing every success in his future.


M.Sc. completion


 NEBERS congratulates Mr. Kamal Prasad Acharya for the sucessful completion of his M.Sc. study in Biology: Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology. He delivered his thesis entitled “Orchid species richness along Himalayan elevation gradients” on  February 1st, 2008. 


New Year Celebration 2008, Fantoft.

On the eve of new year 2008, a celebration program was organized by NEBERS organised a New year celebration party on the eve of 2007.  About 30 participants were present in program. The participants enjoyed the program with dancing, singing and various delicious nepali food. New year wish was shared among participants in Fantoft hill with Firework. Some participants visited city centre to view new year celebration.  

Tihar Celebration in Bergen

Junu Sapkota and Jyoti Paudel organized a collective Tika program at Kosltien 7, Bergen on November 11, 2007 on the occasion of Tihar festival where they gave Tika in a very traditiona way.  About 45 Nepalese living in Bergen participated in the programm. कार्यक्रमको झलक: -



Nepalese food awarded

Participating in an International Cultural Night (Food Festival) on 25th October, organised by UiB-ISU in Bergen, on the occasion of International Student Days (24-25 October 07), Nepalese participants got 3rd price. French and Spanish got first and second prize respectively. Participants from Japan, Ghana, Germany and Hungary  also participated in the competition.


Nepalese delegates made known traditional bread (SEL ROTI), LAM CURRY and MASHED POTATO. NEBERS members contributed alot in making these food items. The effort to make the Sel Roti by Hira Baniy was haunting and wonderful. Touchy announcement made by Chitra Baniya about nepalese food items and their relevance in Nepalese tradition made the session hot. >> More pictures >> and >> Video >> 




दसैं कार्यक्रम भब्यरुपमा सम्पन्न 

यही अक्टोबर २१ तारिखका दिन नेपाली बर्गेन समाज (नेबर्स) बर्गेनको आयोजनामा बिजया दशमी २०६४ Fantoft club मा भब्य रुपमा सम्पन्न गरियो। नेपाली तथा बिदेशी गरी कारीब ६० जनाको सहभागीता रहेको उक्त कार्यक्रममा समाजका जेष्ठ सदश्य श्री अनक भण्डारीबाट सबैले टिका ग्रहण गरेका थिए। सो अबसरमा भब्य दसैं भोजको आयोजना गरिनुका साथै सहभागिहरुले नेपाली गीतहरुमा उत्साहजनक  रुपमा नाच गानमा भाग लिएका थिए।  >> कार्यक्रमको झलक - भिडियो >> 


General Assembly of Nepali Bergen Society (NEBERS)

Nepali-Bergen Society (NEBERS) recently has accomplished its first assembly of general meeting (AGM) in Fantoft of Bergen city. The AGM of NEBERS, the umbrella organization of Nepalese living in Bergen, took place in 6 October 2007 Saturday. The AGM program was chaired by Mr Anak Bhandari, a senior member of the society. In the first half of the AGM, Secretary of the organization Mr Rajendra Basnet presented the financial report of the organization. Likewise, Convenor Mr Chandra Ghimire submitted the annual progress report to the assembly. Also, a proposal of constitution of NEBERS was proposed by Mr Chandra Ghimire. All the reports and the constitution were approved by the AGM with some notes of improvement. A three member (Keshav RaJ Pande, Chandra Ghimire and Madhu Wagle) constitution amendment committee has also been formed. In the second half of the session, an election program was organized aiming at formation of a new executive committee for next one year. In pursuit of the election, a committee of president for the rest session of AGM was formed under the chairmanship of Mr Anak Bhandari. The chairman himself nominated two other members in the committee namely Mr Narottam Aryal and Mr Bharat Gautam. In the end of democratically organized voting procedure, the committee came up with an announcement of seven elected names of executives. The elected committee later designated their profile as follows:


  1. Mr Ganesh Chaulagai                                     President
  2. Mr Hemanta Dangal                                       Secretary
  3. Ms Madhu Wagle                                           Treasurer
  4. Mr Chandra Ghimire                                       Member
  5. Mr Krishna Babu Shrestha                              Member
  6. Mr Kamal Acharaya                                        Member
  7. Ms Junu Sapkota                                             Member

>> more >>

 >> कार्यक्रमको झलक >> 


अन्तर्कृया कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न

यही सेप्टेम्बर ३० का दिन बर्गेन नेपाली समाज, नर्वेको आयोजनामा फ्यानटोफ्ट क्लबबर्गेनमा सन्क्रमणकालिन बर्तमान नेपाल र भबिष्यबिषयक अन्तर्कृयाकार्यक्रम सम्पन्न गरियो। सो कार्यक्रममा वक्ताहरु समाजशास्त्री सुरेश ढकालले तराइसमस्या, इन्जिनियर डा. कृष्ण अर्यालले माओवादी समस्या र महिला सामाजिक कार्यकर्तानिर्मला के. सि. ले दलित, महिला , जनजाती एबम अन्य पिछडिएको समुहको समस्याको बारेमाप्रकाश पार्नु भएको थियो।

सो क्रममा केशव पौडेल, केशव पाण्डे, नरोत्तम अर्याल, बिपिन आचार्य र नरेन्द्रपौडेलज्यु हरुले बक्ताहरुको धारणाहरुमा सटिक टिप्पणी गर्नु भएको थियो । बर्गेनबासीनेपालीहरुको उत्साहजनक सहभागीता रहेको सो कार्यक्रमको संयोजन कृष्ण बाबु श्रेष्ठलेर सभापतित्व समाजका संयोजक चन्द्र घिमिरेज्युले गर्नु भएको थियो >> कार्यक्रमको झलक >>


Win-win with culture mixing

International PhD students have additional challenges compared with their Norwegian counterparts, but these do not out-weigh the advantages of living and studying in a different culture.


 Chitra Bahdur Baniya (right) and Bishnu Prasad Regmi (left) come from Nepal. Chitra is in the final stages of his PhD work, while Bishnu just arrived last January. Chitra’s work involves primy succession following glacier recession–an extremely pertinent topic to both Norway and Nepal. Bishnu’s project involves more basic biology, and could serve as a model ecological system: how the presence / absence of a major predator effects an ecosystem.


In many countries, including Norway, students are encouraged to spend some time abroad. Chitra says that in Nepal there is a kind of belief that to be a truly patriotic Nepalese, one must spend time away for a few years. No matter what your homeland, experiences abroad have many potential positive effects. They can facilitate international networking and exchanges of ideas as well as providing exposure to different working and learning cultures, or to particular expertise. A fascinating secondary effect of a stay abroad is the opportunity it gives one to reflect more objectively on one’s own culture.


Both Chitra and Bishnu enjoyed participating in the BIO+ day at Lyngheisenteret. Chitra spoke of the internal migration from the high mountains to the cities in Nepal. He wants to take back to Nepal the message he learned from Lyngheisenteret about the importance of preserving something of a country’s cultural heritage; the life that has existed for centuries in the high passes of the Himalayas is an ancient mode of living similar to life for thousands of years along the coast of western Europe. >> News in BIO+, UiB, Norway>> 


तीज कार्यक्रम २०६४(२००७)


>> कार्यक्रमको झलक >>



बिदाई तथा स्वागत कार्यक्रम २००७ सम्पन्न


४० भन्दा बढि नेपाली सहभागी विर्द्धाथी तथा अन्य महानुभावहरु माझ हिजो २१ अगस्त २००७, मंगलवार नया आउने साथीहरुलाई स्वागत् गर्दै बिदाई हुने साथीहरुको उज्वल भविस्यको कामना गर्दै बिदाई तथा स्वागत कार्यक्रम, २००७ सम्पन्न गरियो। >> कार्यक्रमको झलक >>



New in Norway: We Nepali


The Royal Norwegian Embassy of Nepal has published the article "New in Norway" as a starting point for Nepalese who are planning to visit Norway.    >> more >>or >> get the article in PDF >>

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