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Varma Shares Exciting New Opportunities for You!

posted Sep 5, 2017, 3:52 PM by BergenMeisters Toastmasters
BergenMeisters is happy to announce that club member Michael Varma, DTM, has been selected by Toastmasters International as a Pathways Guide. As a Pathways Guide, he will introduce and train new and existing members in the new Toastmasters educational system entitled Pathways. Varma will be the first point of contact to help with onboarding and Pathways training. He will work closely with the Chief Ambassador and Program Quality Director. 

As a Pathways Guide, Varma will:
- Conduct multiple club visits to raise awareness and build excitement

- Educate club members and officers about the new Pathways program

- Provide regular virtual support sessions to ensure a seamless transition


Varma is immersed in Pathways Boot Camp Training and will soon share Base Camp with club members, which is the gateway to the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience. Base Camp is where you access your educational materials, your education transcript, interactive projects and other useful tips, tools and resources. 


“I’m excited about this opportunity for both Toastmasters and the members,” says Varma. "This integration of digital tracking and resources will help you learn and grow exponentially. After all, your
success is our success.”