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If you have photographs that you would like to share with other researchers, please feel free to send to me as an attachment.  Thanks for your contributions and generosity! 

NOTE TO SUBMITTERS:  As I have transferred these submitted photos, you may notice that some are fuzzy.  If one of these is yours and you can provide me with a better scan, I would love for you to re-submit them to me so we can put a better photo on this page for you and for other researchers.  Just click here to submit a replacement photo and be sure to identify it so I get it into the right spot on the page.

This photo was submitted by
Edward Rafferty on 10/25/2014. 
Helen Sherwood lived on Poplar Avenue and attended Hackensack High School in 1938.  Photo circa 1923.  You can see "The Poe Studio" at the bottom.  Helen was Edward's mother.

These two photos were submitted by Vicky Hain.  Thank you Vicky for your generosity!

Vicky states the following about these photos: 

They are both from Westwood, NJ.  I estimate they are from the late 1800's since they are not dated.  The building says on it:  John F. West Contractor & Builder.  On the side of the wagon in the photo with 2 horses it says again:  John F. West, Westwood, NJ Contractor & Builder.  On the back of one photo is photographer:  Frank R. Kohler, P.O. Box 155, Ridgewood, NJ.  I've seen other photos taken by him c.1900 in the Bergen area.  If you have questions about these photos, please feel free to email me.  

Vicky     vaa59@hotmail.com

John F. West Contractor and Builder

Dingenis Glerum Family

This is the Dingenis GLERUM family, at Ellis Island when they immigrated in 1907 from the Netherlands
.  They are identified in the 1910 census in Lodi, Bergen County, as: Daniel (Dingenis), age 48; Nellie, age 42; Marinus, age 22; Daniel, Jr., age 19; Jacob, age 18; Maria, age 16; Frank, age 14; Jacoba (dau), age 13; Minnie, age 12; Paulina, age 11; Johanna, age 10; two sons, ages 8 and 7 (names unreadable), and a daughter (unreadable), age  4.  
Apparently the youngest daughter was not caught on film. Photographer was Augustus SHERMAN, an immigration employee who also photographed immigrants from 1905-1920, and whose photographs are now a part of the Ellis Island museum's collection.

If anyone has any info about this family - please contact ArtCohan1@earthlink.net

Art Cohan, 1202 Rio Hondo Road, Harlingen, TX 78550
please visit me at: http://www.SOYsite.com/art.html

Emil Nensel

Submitted by:Phillip Nensel 

I believe my great grandfather, Berthold Nensel, took group pictures for the Tenafly High School year books.  I have scanned some of the original prints from about 1930.  I can estimate the year of this one because my grandfather, Emil Nensel, (class of 1931) is in this picture (second row, far left). I do not know any of the other people in the pictures however.


Submitted by: Sharon Reach Korsman, Glen Rock, NJ

This is a business card from my great grandfather's furniture business. The card itself tells much of what you might want to know. The year is 1920's and 1930's; however, the business may have existed well before that as the card says 40 years experience. We believe the business was brought over from England and that too may explain the 40 years. They immigrated in 1887. Joseph S. Freestone was married to Sarah Farrington.  They lived on Maple Avenue, as well as having his business on Maple. My aunt still talks about the horse hair bed mattresses! Their children are: Susan, Fredrick, Florence (Agnes), Hazel, Ernest, Matthew, all born between 1881 and 1899.

Borden Dairy

Submitted by: Richard Clinton Seitz

Borden Dairy Distribution plant at 163 State Street in Hackensack, NJ. The date is about 1910 since one of the men is Alfred Clinton SEITZ [1881-1938] who was listed as a milk wagon driver in the 1910 US Census. We do not know which one he is. This would be the only photo of him that the family would have. If you can help identify the people in this photo, please let us know so we can post the names here for others who may visit and help to find Mr. SEITZ for the family.  Thank you.

Eleanor Genevieve Hutchinson

Submitted by: Sunrise0460@aol.com

This is a photo of my Grandmother, Eleanor Genevieve Hutchinson, taken in the mid 1920's at Palisades Amusement Park, Cliffside Park, NJ. She was a resident of Palisades Park and Bogota, NJ.


Submitted by: Marion Travis

This photo is believed to be one of my Travers, McCabe, Mullaly, or Bottomley ancestors who immigrated to America from Ireland. The Travers, McCabes and Mullalys came circa 1840's. 
The Bottomleys came over in the 1870's.

The original photo is approximately 2 1/4 by 3 1/2 inches. On the back of the photo is the following:   H. Kraus, Photographer - Carlstadt. A part of Carlstadt is not readable, but I believe from my research that this is Carlstadt, New Jersey, as there seems to be no other Carlstadt in the United States. I am hoping that someone will be able to help me date the photograph if the period of time that H. Kraus was in business at Carlstadt can be ascertained.


Submitted by: Judith Courter Ullman

James Courter and Hannah (Forshee) Courter Family (1775-1880) 

My Aunt, Lucy (Courter) DeBaun, stated about 1960 that this was a picture of the Courter family. I am assuming then that picture was taken 1875-1880. All individuals born Bergen County, NJ. The picture was given to me by Barbara (Hugg) Burghardt and came from the house of Harold and Emma (Cable) Courter after they died in Fairfield, Essex, NJ.

If anyone can identify other individuals in this picture, please contact me.  Judith Courter Ullman

James Courter and Hannah (Forshee) Courter Family (1775-1880)
1st row--Aaron Courter 4th adult from left, Emma (Folly) Courter 5th adult from left, James Courter is 6th adult from left and, Hannah (Forshee) Courter 7th adult from left. 
2nd row left--James David Carlough and Dorcas (Courter) Carlough

Paramus Schoolhouse

Submitted by: Jean Morris RMorris216@aol.com

Old Paramus schoolhouse, next to the Paramus RDC Church, Ridgewood, NJ.  Photo taken by Frank R. Kohler, P.O. Box 155, Ridgewood, NJ.  From photos of Mary Elsa Frederick Larkin.
Photo circa 1900-1904.

The names that are on the back of the photo:  Mike Winters, Florence Frederick, Dora Frederick, Mary Elsa Frederick, Peter Zabriskie, M. Kohler, Clarance Zabriskie, ? Yearance.

Can anyone identify any of the children?

Van Zilen

Submitted by: Chris Clark jrzywoman@aol.com 
 Manahawkin, NJ 

Both my grandfather, George, and great-grandfather, Theodore, served on the Leonia Police Department. Theodore was killed in the line of duty and his name appears in Washington on the national monument commemorating officers killed in the line of duty.

My grandfather, George Van Zilen, Leonia Police Department, Leonia, NJ. Photo circa 1937.


My grandmother, Margaret Marie Quirk (married name Teller)

Englewood, NJ. Photo circa 1920.


Submitted by: Vi Burkhard MIKY1942@aol.com

John Jeremiah Everson's house in Mahwah, NJ in 1893.

The names left to right:  John Jeremiah Everson is standing to the side of the house. 

His wife, Charity Ella Conklin Everson sitting in the chair and their children (Russell Benjamin -in chair my grandfather, Lizzie, and Walter) are on the porch.

Hackensack Courthouse

Submitted by: Diane I. dti@nyc.rr.com

Panoramic photo of the Hackensack Courthouse, circa 1913.


Main Street, Hackensack

Submitted by: Diane I. dti@nyc.rr.com

Main Street in Hackensack, 1938.